Make $500+ an Hour
Talking About What You Love

If you have knowledge about a subject that other people want to learn about, you don’t need to be a professionally trained speaker.

The other great thing about this business is that you need almost no capital to get started and you can begin part time.   You can do it locally or if you want you can get to travel while making a profit. 

Now, there are certainly many people who do this more regularly than me (for me it’s just a part time business).  For example, speaker Tom Antion states on his website that he gets $17,500 per appearance and earns a substantial 6 figure income each year.

Perhaps you’re thinking that you aren’t very comfortable speaking in public?  Well, guess what?  Almost nobody is at first.   But, if you know your subject and practice it’s really not that hard.  Whatever area of expertise you have, it’s likely that there are people that would like to hear you speak. 

And in addition to getting fees from the speaking, you can also potentially earn a sizeable income from selling additional instructional products after the session.  I have personally seen speakers earn $30,000 from product sales after a seminar.  So, whether you choose to do small seminars where you may make a few hundred dollars for your time or large seminars where you can actually make $30,000 in a few hours, there is a wealth of opportunity to earn money speaking about what you love.

To get started this is what you need to do:

1) Choose a subject that you know about and will have enough demand to generate adequate interested attendees.

There is really an unlimited number of subjects that you can speak about.  The ones that usually come to most people’s minds first are things like motivation, making money and other financial subjects.  However, many hobbies like cooking, martial arts, and exercise to name a few can make a great subject as well as other personal improvement subjects such as parenting, coping with illness, etc.

2) Create Your Curriculum

First, you’ll want to decide how long your seminars will be.  For example, my engagements at the Learning Annex where I’ve been hired to speak before were three hours, so I needed to cover a lot of material. 

But, your seminar could be either shorter or longer.  Basically, you’ll want to have 3 parts:  A beginning, middle and an end.  Your beginning will be your introduction where you’ll want to hook your listener’s attention.  Then, your middle will contain the substantial information that you’ll share.  And finally, you’ll have an ending where you’ll sum up what you presented and if you do wish to market additional “back end” products, this is where you will do so.

3) Create Your Marketing Plan

There are many different options as far as earning money as a speaker is concerned. You can directly market yourself to organizations that might hire you.  Additionally, there are speaker’s bureau’s that work as an agency who can procure speaking engagements for you.  You can also hold your own seminars where you will market the event directly to the public.

If you have an area of expertise and would like to earn additional income with a business that has virtually no start up costs, then this could be a perfect new business for you. For more information on getting into the speaking business, follow this link: