15 Years Ago I Fired My Boss!

How badly do you want to do the same?

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

What I’m about to tell you might sound crazy to you.

If your answer to the above question isn’t, “I want it badly enough to do almost anything that isn’t illegal or unethical”, then I don’t think you should read any further.

I’m not trying to insult you or play any mind games with you.

It’s just that I’m looking for those few people that aren’t looking to just talk about having their own business…or are going to fold their cards the moment they hit any small challenge in the process.

I’m looking for a few people that crave all of the following:

  • Security of nobody being able to fire them because they are their own boss.
  • Freedom of being able to choose their own destiny
  • The financial strength to own their own expensive homes, drive any car they want and travel with their families anywhere in the world.
  • The peace of mind to know that they have enough money to protect their families by having all the right insurance, being able to pay for college educations for their children and by being able to have enough money in the bank to handle any problem that arises.
  • Pride of participating in the American dream of owning your own business
  • Power to enjoy life by doing something that you want to do rather than slaving for someone else and making them rich.

So, if these things aren’t all that important to you…or you aren’t really ready to make them happen, then I don’t want to waste another moment of your time.

But, if you truly desire these things…no let me restate that.  If you MUST have these things in your life, then we have something in common.  And, if that’s the case, then I can help you make all of the above a reality.

I’ll get further into all of this in a moment, but I think it’d be helpful if I shared just a brief bit of my history, so you can understand why I know I can really help you.

Let me start with this confession:

My First Five Business Attempts
Were Total Failures.

It’s true.  When I was twenty years old I was going to college and working part time as a retail clerk.  Even then, I couldn’t stand to be told what to do.  Even worse, I couldn’t take snooty customers looking down their noses at me.

So, that’s when I got the bug.  I realized that I’d be a lot happier if instead of working for someone else, I started my own small business.

So, I picked up a couple of entrepreneur type magazines and scanned through all of the different business opportunities in there.  Here’s the different types of businesses I tried:

  1. Resell a mail order book on how to make money in mail order
  2. Wholesale gift merchandise from a catalog
  3. Sell a car engine oil additive that was supposed to make cars run longer.
  4. Market personal safety devices such as tear gas and electric stun guns
  5. Promote a video club where people could exchange videos in the mail

Now, with a few of these businesses I did maybe sell a few products, but primarily I lost what little investment capital I had.

But, I’m not bitter about these failures as they were important learning steps.  To quote from one of the most famous authors on success named Napoleon Hill:

“Most great people have attained their greatest success
just one step beyond their greatest failure.”

Then, one day it hit me.  I realized I was doing everything backward.  I was a business student who was learning all kinds of powerful business skills in college, but yet I wasn’t really employing them in my business efforts.

On top of that although my father was already deceased, he had been a highly successful entrepreneur who had shared with me his “scrappy small businessman” outlook and techniques and I hadn’t really been using his secrets either.

The Power of Combining a Small Business Mentality with Sophisticated Academic Business Schools
Was Nothing Short of Colossal!

That’s what I discovered when I launched my next business.  But, this time I didn’t select a business from a magazine.  I studied my local market and discovered an unmet need in the pool service industry.

I put together a business plan and began an advertising campaign.  Within hours of the advertising hitting, I had secured my first new customers.  Within three days my new business had an income that exceeded my part time job, so I quit.

Business was good, so I expanded and hired employees to do the cleaning.  Eventually the business grew so much that I sold it for a whopping profit and didn’t need to work through the remainder of my college career.

What I learned from both my success and failures enabled me to start and operate quite a few successful small businesses over the years.  Now, please understand that I’m not trying to brag or impress you with how clever I am.

I’m only telling you about these successes so you’ll understand that when it comes to small businesses, I know what I’m talking about.  Here is a partial list of some of the businesses I’ve started and run profitably.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Business: I started with only $100 in capital a business that eventually netted over $100,000 a year.

Producing My Own Specialty Videos: I produce and market exercise, instructional business, ballroom dance and sports videos. Some of these businesses have netted over $250,000 annually and I've made as much as $5640 in two days

Event Promotion Business: As an event promoter I’ve traveled across the country making as much as $2500 in a night as I enjoyed the prestige and excitement of producing live entertainment events.  But best of all, my first event required an investment of only $50!

Consulting Business: As a writer's consultant I'm paid on average $2500 per job and this business has grossed over $100,000 annually.

Natural Supplement Business: As a marketer of all natural supplements I ran a company that grossed over $100,000 a month! Now, I have an online site that allows cash to just drop into my bank account without me ever speaking to a customer.

Private Instruction Business: As a private ballroom dance instructor I’ve enjoyed making $60+ an hour teaching something I love.  It feels like I get paid for having fun!

There have been others, but I think I’ve listed enough to make my point.  Each one of these businesses was successful because they all followed the same basic success formula. 

This formula allows me to start new small businesses that are profitable almost IMMEDIATELY and usually don’t require much capital.

Others Have Used My Methods
With Similar Success

Over the years I’d had the chance to work with some other small business owners and using my methods they’ve also built large successful businesses without large amounts of capital or experience.

David M. is a former grocery store clerk who now owns a huge house, 2 very expensive sports cars, and three other late model expensive cars that he bought with the profits from his service and online businesses he built using my system.

Mike Y. was a college graduate that just didn’t fit in with the corporate world.  He used my methods to launch an investment business that’s pocketed him more than $15,000 at a time.  Instead of a grueling nine to five life, he travels around the world…sometimes he stays overseas for a few months, running his business interests with the Internet.

Sophia B. was an immigrant who hardly spoke English.  She used my Smallbiz Rocket Launch techniques to start a business that was profitable in 3 days.  Now, she drives a $30,000 car and has plenty of money to send back home to help her family.

In Today’s Economy Owning a Small Business is One of the Surest Ways to Wealth!

Now, I’m not saying this just because I’ve done well with small businesses.  According to the Federal government about ¾ of all firms are small businesses and since 1997 this is the fastest growing business segment.

Not only are these businesses the fastest growing segment, but they are making a lot of money for their owners.  Approximately 1.3 million of these businesses had an income of between $100,000 and $500,000.

And nearly 900,000 of these businesses had incomes in the range from one to five million dollars!

The Small Business Administration states in a recent report that small business owning households were twice as likely to be a high income household as compared to wage earners.

Think about that.  Statistically you’re 100% more likely to have a high income if you own a business as compared to if you work for someone else.  Why shouldn’t you be one of these people?

There Are Some Really Motivated People…

If you’re still with me at this point, I’m guessing that you agree with me that having your own small business is the way to go.

What you’ve got to decide is how much you really do want to be in business for yourself.  Is it just talk or are you ready to “walk the walk?”

I saw this crazy documentary about the making of a reality program where potential contestants were vying to get onto a “Survivor” type show that was supposed to make the original look like a game of Tiddlywinks.

During the interview candidates were asked if they would do anything to get on the show.  Naturally, they all answered yes.  Then, they were asked, “would you eat a person’s thumb?”  Amazingly, many of them answered that they absolutely would.

Now, as I stated in the beginning of this letter, I don’t advocate doing anything illegal or unethical to get ahead financially.  Still, as nutty as it is you have to have some kind of respect for these people that want to make their dreams happen so badly they’d agree to do almost anything.

Well, the good news is that you can absolutely have your own successful business without doing anything insane.  But, you do have to be ready to make a commitment.

A Commitment With No Escape Hatch

My company publishes a number of entrepreneurial courses and I’ve had the pleasure to meet some of the customers.  A fair percentage actually take the material to heart and they go out and go for it. They change their lives!

Now, that’s really awesome.  However, what troubles me is the other substantial percentage that is still enthusiastic about getting into their own business but hasn’t been able to make it happen.

Upon interviewing them, the three most common reasons for them not having taken action are:

  1. They’re not confident about what they’re doing and are reluctant to go it alone.
  2. They haven’t really invested a lot in terms of money or effort, so they don’t feel too bad if their dreams aren’t a reality yet.
  3. It seemed really complicated to get started.

Now, I’ve worked with more than a few clients and they were also able to create profitable small businesses using my formula.  Still, I realized that the difference is that by having me working alongside with them, those obstacles above weren’t relevant.

After giving it some thought I became determined to come up with a program that would eliminate the obstacles to so many people’s success and would be possible for me to do since I can’t personally work on a daily basis with thousands of individuals. 

I decided that what I want to do is create a Smallbiz Riches “Hall of Fame.”  I want to have no less than twenty people who I worked with and began successful small businesses.  This is what I’ve developed:

“The Smallbiz Rocket Launcher Program”

Take 5 Easy Steps to Be In Business…

This program will blast aspiring entrepreneurs into business by taking 5 basic steps.  The program consists of 5 audio CD’s of me explaining my formula for small business success that has worked for me and my clients. 

You listen to the CD.  You take the step.
You do this 5 times and you’re in business.

In addition, you’ll receive a “Buffet of Businesses” text CD that will offer you 20 proven simple businesses you can start in case you don’t know what kind of business you’d like to go into yet.

Each CD explains in crystal clear language how to make this business happen.    Well, this seemed to solve part of the problem, but it didn’t remove all of the obstacles.  In particular, it didn’t remedy the problem about some people feeling like they were out there on their own.

You see, I know this program will absolutely work and it’s universal so it will work on almost any small business whether it’s a business idea you already have or one from my “Buffet of Businesses” CD. 

Plus, the “Small Biz Rocket Launcher” program is so simple, anyone can understand and implement the strategies. So, really people shouldn’t need to have access to any additional support.

But, just like those “thumb eaters,” I want those twenty “Hall of Famers” bad.  Bad enough to do whatever it takes to make it happen.  So, against the advice of my own mentor and adviser I’m going to become part of your team.

12 Months of Client Support

That’s right.  I’m going to offer a full 12 months of support through my company for a limited number of clients.  Obviously, I can’t do this for thousands of people.  That’s why I suggest that if you are serious about this program, you don’t wait because the second I hit my limit, I’ll be having my web programmer pull the order page.

But, here’s how it works:

If you have specific questions about how to implement any of the steps in the program, you’ll be provided an exclusive e-mail address that will go directly to me.  And, you’ll either get an e-mail or telephone response.

The only limitation is that you don’t abuse the support program and keep the questions reasonable and related to implementing the 5 easy steps in the program.

Okay, so you’re no longer going to be doing this alone!  You will have a trusted adviser on your side who has successfully begun a slew of various small businesses and coached many others to success as well.  This ongoing support is why I only want to deal with people who are really committed to making a business happen.

You’ve Got to Make the Necessary Commitment!

If I’m going to make this kind of commitment to you, then you need to make a strong commitment too.

Look, I know this program will work for you.  I’m certain enough to guarantee it.  I’ll give you a refund if you use my system and it doesn’t work for you.

But, here’s the catch.  I’m not looking for “tire kickers” here.  I don’t want to waste my time answering questions from someone that’s going to look it all over, send me a barrage of questions and then send it back wanting a refund without ever taking the steps.

So, if you try my program and you don’t successfully start a small business I’ll give you a refund, but you’ve got to show me you really tried the steps.  You won’t need to send me sworn affidavits but you will need to send some kind of proof that you really tried….

A copy of an advertisement that you tried with my formula, maybe a web page if your business has an online component or some invoices from vendors that show that you really went into business…just some proof that you really took action.

You take a full 60 days to study the program, put the easy steps into action and launch your business.  If you’re not 100% satisfied how this powerful program works for you, just return the program in good condition with a copy of your proof that you really tried to launch a business and I’ll give you a full refund.

The reason I want you to do this is because this it will force you to really take the steps.  And once you do that, I’m certain you’re going to be successful.

How Much is Having Your Own
Business Worth to You?

Not everyone will answer the above question the same way.  Some people aren’t really willing to work hard…to risk losing some money…or to simply risk failing.

Clearly, if I can share my program with you and it helps you create a profitable business that changes your life, it’s arguably worth $10,000.

I know that’s a big number and it’s likely that it’s too high a number for many of the people reading this letter.  Still, a full year of personal support from someone with a track record like mine is a lot to offer.  I highly doubt you could find many consultants with comparable credentials that wouldn’t want at least $5000 for the same service.

But, like I said…I want those 20 Smallbiz “Hall of Famers!”  So, if you’re ready to be one of those twenty people, then I want to make you an offer that simply can’t be refused.

That’s why I’m throwing in some extra bonuses!

Bonus #1: Street Smart Business Course- $50.00 value

This text course which comes on a CD as a pdf file was written by Larry Fredericks who teaches all the “street smart” techniques that a savvy entrepreneur needs to know to survive in today’s fiercely competitive business world.

Bonus #2: Dare to Live Your Dreams Course - $50.00 value

This text course which comes on a CD as a pdf file shares my personal story of how I changed myself from a beaten down person to someone that lives a life of his dreams.  But more importantly, it takes you step-by-step on how to do the same thing.  If you’re planning on really changing your life by starting a new business this course will help make sure you stick to it.

Bonus #3: Make Your Move - $30 value

This audio course which comes on a CD is an interview with me which focuses on getting your motivation up and revving, so that nothing can stop you.  It’s the perfect extra push you need to keep you focused until you secure your goals.

$495 to Change the Rest of Your Life!

I know that $495 might not break you, but it’s not pocket change either.  Well, that’s the idea.  If you aren’t prepared to really take action once you get the “Smallbiz Rocket Launcher” Program, then this isn’t for you.

But, if you’re committed to really changing your life by operating your own small business, there shouldn’t be any doubt that you’re worth that much of an investment.

Don’t let time pass you by as you continue to put off making your dreams come true.  This is truly a limited opportunity because you’re not going to be doing this alone.

So, is today the day that you’re going to change your life?  I really hope it is because I’d love for you to be one of my 20 “Hall of Famers.”

So, don’t wait another second.  It’s time to act.  All you have to do is click the link the below.

Click Right Here to Be the
Next Smallbiz Riches “Hall of Famer.”

Warm Regards,

Paul Lawrence