8 Ways to Start a Million Dollar
Internet Business for $99 or Less!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I´m going to give you some secrets that can make you rich.

What´s even better news is that you won´t need a lot of money to make all of this cash.

But before I get that far let me save us both some trouble because the secrets I´m going to share aren´t for everyone.

If you´re the type of person that really believes that the only way to get rich is if you start with a lot of money…or if you´re the type of person that thinks you´ve got to know people on the “inside,” then please don´t read any further.  

Because if this is the case, the information I´m about to share won´t be for you.

But, if you are the type of person that believes that if you have the right information and that your destiny lies in your own hands, then please keep reading!

My Revealing This Information Will
Really Anger Some Internet
Professionals Out There

Why?  Because they DON´T want you to have this information.

What you´ve got to understand is that there are many thousands of people who earn large fees from aspiring Internet entrepreneurs.

Now, don´t get me wrong.

I´m not saying that a lot of these people don´t know how to make any money on the Internet.  Because I know for a fact that there are plenty that do.  And, there are plenty of ones out there who mean well.

But You Don´t Need to Spend
Thousands of Dollars to
Make Money With the Internet!

This is the big secret that they don´t want you to know.

I learned this from the school of hard knocks. I had one web programmer after another tell me in order for me to make money with a website I needed to spend thousands on a site that had all of the bells and whistles.

After some losses and studying some of the folks who I knew were making big money I found out that the exact opposite is true!

For example, a simple website with strong copy will outperform a fancy website without powerful copy any day of the week.

Even in recent times I periodically search to see if any Internet marketing professionals could help me make more money than I´m already making. 

I am disappointed every time.

Every single individual or company I speak with tells me about how I need to spend thousands to get the ball rolling.

One particular vendor actually had the nerve to tell me that he would charge me $20 for each lead he got me after I told him that I was currently getting these same leads for about a buck each!

OF COURSE  these “professionals” don´t want the word to get out that you don´t need to pay this kind of money to earn huge profits with the Internet.

Learn From Someone
That Actually Does it

There´s an old saying that goes something like, “those that can´t do, teach.”  Now, I know that´s not always true.

I´ve most definitely learned some of my best knowledge from people that did it before they began teaching. 

Still, the reason this saying has lasted so long is because there are many operators out there like that…people that teach others how to do it even though they never have.

A successful Internet business can bring in an income of hundreds of
thousands of dollars or even millions.

This isn´t speculation.

It´s a fact.  I know because I am making more money than I ever dreamed possible.

So, the first thing that I preach when it comes to learning business strategies is that you should do it from someone that has actually been successful at it.

I Specialize in Starting
Under $100 Businesses

Before I go any further, I feel I should share a little information about myself with you.

I own multiple profitable websites.

They are all profitable. Some of them have even earned as much as over $5000 in a day.

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Before I get into further details about this I want you to understand something. 

I didn´t start out as an Internet entrepreneur.

I came from a lower middle class family without any capital, connections, or any real skills or exceptional education.

So, when I wanted to go into business for myself there wasn´t any option other than to create a business that I could get going for under a hundred bucks because that´s all I had.

Fortunately, I was able to create more than one this way. In fact, over the last twenty years I´ve started over 12 profitable enterprises that took less than a hundred dollars to get going.

Over the last three years I´ve built up quite an arsenal of websites that are now an amazing cash machine.  And, I´ve done this without ever risking a lot of capital.

So, if nothing else you know that you´re talking with someone that
isn´t just teaching it, but someone who´s actually doing it.

Although later in life I had more capital to risk if I wanted, I continued to prefer to start the low capital businesses.

Why Risk a Lot of Money if You
Don´t Need to?

This is how I felt about it.  Sure, some businesses can be started more easily if you walk in with a lot of cash, but those businesses can also lose you a lot of cash.

Let me tell you something blunt that you might not want to know.

It´s unlikely that every viable business strategy will work for your business.

Now, if you´re risking thousands of dollars every time you try and get some new business, this could be a big problem.

But, if you do like I do and use marketing secrets that are usually less than a hundred dollars, all you need is a couple of them to hit for your particular business and you´ll be swimming in profits!

Getting back to my story…I didn´t start out in the Internet business.

What happened is that I had friends that were in it and I saw how much money they were making.

It became obvious to me that having an Internet business was the way to go.

Over 225 Million Online Buyers…
 Just in the United States

Think about this:

If this many people are buying online, why shouldn´t you be selling to them?

And if you think that all of those people making the big money have all kinds of advantages that you don´t, think again.

You can make big money on the Internet without any of the following:

  • Technical knowledge of html and web programming
  • Previous experience in business or the Internet
  • Lots of capital
  • Connections or relationships with major Internet players
  • Existing products or services
  • Full time hours available to operate the business
  • High level education
  • Mastery of language

As you can see, almost anyone that can walk and chew gum has what it takes to start a successful Internet business.

How You Can Profit
From My Mistakes!

When I started I didn´t have any of the above assets either. 

If I can do this, so can you.  Especially because I´m going to share what I´ve learned so you don´t make the same mistakes I did.

As I explained earlier, I made some mistakes on my first Internet marketing efforts.  I paid too much for services and features I didn´t need.

After licking my wounds I continued learning and began to develop some Internet businesses that made some profits.  And, I must tell you that the techniques that made money were the ones that didn´t require putting up a lot of capital.

I realized that just like my offline business experiences, it seems like the techniques that cost the least are the ones that make the most money, so that´s where I put all of my efforts.

Let me introduce my new program that will give you my best secret  formulas to get rich on the Internet without a lot of money:

“8 Ways to Start a Million Dollar Internet Business
for $99 or Less!”

That´s right. You read correctly. The course isn´t a hundred and one ways to make a fortune.

First of all, I doubt that there that many ways that meet my criteria of having a strong possibility of working and not needing much capital.

Second of all, it´s been my experience that when someone gets a program that is so long and complicated like that, it becomes hard to choose what to do.

Quite often, the reader even with the best of intentions gets so bogged down with volumes of information, they never actually try and put any of it into use.

So, in accordance with my philosophy of creating programs that people can study quickly and put into action, I chose my top 8 most profitable and easy-to-use Internet Marketing Secrets and explained them all in one simple audio program.

Then, to make sure that everything was crystal clear, I created a bonus text CD in the form of a pdf file that has examples of my real web pages, advertisements, Internet marketing sources and other documents that show specifically how I made money with the Internet.

The 8 Ways to Start a Million Dollar Internet Business for $99 or Less!”  will allow you to listen to this program and in under an hour you´ll be ready to put the strategies into action.

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Can you imagine this?

You pop the audio CD into your car stereo on the way to work or into your computer at home and that very same day, you´re ready to start getting rich!

What This Program Isn´t

Listen, many times promotions such as these will rattle off a large bullet list of what this program will do for you, but I´m going to do the opposite.

Let me explain what this program isn´t:

This program won´t sit there and tell you the obvious strategies that everyone knows.

It´s not filled with information on how to improve your search engine optimization by having key words packed into your content.  Nor will this program talk to you about the importance of titling your website and having metatags.

These are certainly good things to do, but the 8 Ways to Start a Million Dollar Internet Business for $99 or Less!”  is just that. 

It´s got 8 very powerful techniques that cost under $99 to begin and are tried and proven strategies that aren´t just the same standard run of the mill theories.

This program also won´t just gloss over a technique and leave you hanging with the hope of upselling you to a larger and more expensive program.

I don´t believe in working that way.

So, you´ll be given enough information to use these strategies without having to buy anything else.

This program contains really effective strategies that have either worked for me or for other highly successful Internet entrepreneurs that have shared their secrets with me.

Why I´m Giving You My Secrets

Frankly, if this thought didn´t occur to you, I´d feel like you hadn´t really been doing your homework.  The answer is really quite simple.

  • My business is about bringing the best educational programs to other entrepreneurs to help them become successful and I like doing it.
  • I don´t like to see other new entrepreneurs who were just like I was getting ripped off by Internet sharks and I don´t care if these guys don´t like what I´m doing.
  • You having a successful Internet business will in no way be adverse to my business interests.  There are hundreds of millions of potential customers out there worldwide, so it makes no difference to my business what you sell or how successful you are.

The bottom line is this:  It´s a win-win situation.  You get some very valuable information and I get to earn a reasonable profit for sharing the information.

By now perhaps you´re wondering what you´ll need to invest in order to start using the 8 Ways to Start a Million Dollar Internet Business for $99 or Less!” 

I promise to give you the full details in one minute but before I do, let me give you one other piece of very important information.

You Will Have No Risk!

I am so certain that this program will more than meet your expectations that I will put my money where my mouth is.

You can go ahead and order the program and try it out for a full 30 days. If for any reason during this time you decide it´s not all that´s been promised, then you can go ahead and return it for a full refund.

There are no gimmicks about it.  All you´d do is mail the program back to the address directly on the CD´s.  You don´t need any codes or special approvals, etc.

But, you´re not going to do that.

Because the 8 Ways to Start a Million Dollar Internet Business for $99 or Less!”  is a phenomenal program that contains potent ways for an average small entrepreneur to step up and make the big bucks that the heavyweight Internet companies are making.

And, you won´t need a lot of money to do it.

This is literally a program that can make you hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions.  If I were to put a price tag on it using that basis, a price of a thousand dollars would be reasonable.

In fact, I´ve seen dozens of courses that do charge that much and when you cut through all the bonuses and hundreds of pages of information that you already know, the ones I´ve seen aren´t even as helpful as this program.

But, that´s not what my business is about.

My philosophy is to assist other entrepreneurs in achieving their goals.  So, in order to do that I´ve got to make the programs available at a price that an average person can afford.

Even if I priced it according to what I´d have to charge to sit down with you on a one-on-one basis and give you the same information, I´d still need to charge $500.

But, that is the magic of being able to create courses like this that can be mass produced and then marketed.  They can be delivered for a much more modest investment.

 Only $49!

This is a very reasonable price for something that will be able to make you so much money.  Especially when there is nobody else who knows these same secrets that doesn´t want ten or twenty times more for it.

I do need to point out that this amazingly low price is an introductory price.  My marketing team wants me to charge a lot more and I may heed their advice and raise the price by triple or more very soon.

So, if you´re serious about making money on the Internet, then you should go ahead and place your order right now.

Like I said you´ve got nothing to lose because it got a 100% money back guarantee.  To place your order just click on the order link below.

I hope to be hearing about your successes with this program in the near future.


Paul Lawrence

______Yes, Paul I want to start making my fortune with the Internet using your 8 Ways to Start a Million Dollar Internet Business for $99 or Less!program.  I understand that I´ll have a full 30 days to try it out risk free and if not completely satisfied I can get a full refund.

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