Warning: You’re about to be exposed
to forces that can change people’s
lives.  If you aren’t sure you will use
these tools ethically then please don’t
read any further.

If You Have This Quality

You Can Become Wealthier
Than You’ve Ever Imagined!

Revealed: The shocking truth why
some people have great power and others have none.

Dear Friend,

If you call a CEO of a major company will your call be returned?

Or if you work at a large company will your peers quickly agree to a proposal that you put forth?

I could go on and on with various scenarios that can gauge your level of power. But, if your answer is no to either of the questions above or similar scenarios, then you’re facing the same problem that so many entrepreneurs and company executives face.

One of the most frustrating problems for anyone in business, a career or job transition, anyone moving back into the work force, and anyone about to graduate from college … is getting the access they need to grow their business or advance their career.

It’s also crucial that you can get cooperation from others…including your own employees, co-workers, vendors and even competitors when you’re trying to put a plan into action.

Without power it’s like banging your head against the wall.

But, with it, you can accomplish astounding things.

What is Power?

Power if the ability to influence people and your surroundings.  When you have power, you are able to take command and influence events instead of sitting on the bench like a spectator.

Power is what causes people to respect you. People are drawn to you because they believe their fortunes will improve by associating with you.

The good news is that if you don’t have power now and have never been good at acquiring it, that can be changed.

It’s all a matter of understanding how it works.

Imagine this scenario:

You and a group of a dozen other tourists get stranded on a deserted tropical island.

One member of your group turns out to be a former special forces military man who’s been trained in jungle survival.  He knows how to build shelter, fire and hunt food.

It’s not hard to imagine that the remainder of the group will quickly jump at his requests or instructions.

This is power!

While it may seem that the reasons for this power are simple, there’s a little more to it.

Some people will be motivated by the fear of not being able to survive  without this leader.  Others will be attracted to the social forces of the power of this new leader.  There would actually likely be many forces at work.

In your civilized world, all the variables that affect power are even more complicated, but the fact remains that there are certain basic rules of power that will work miracles for you.

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How I Stumbled Across Power

My first taste of power was actually when I was in first grade.

I hate to admit it, but I wasn’t a very tough kid…to the contrary, I was a weakling.

But, I had a best friend named Roger.  And Roger was one of those kids that could naturally toss around two or three kids without breaking a sweat. 

Once one or two bullies received a pummeling from Roger after giving me a hard time, nobody ever dared lay a finger on me again.

I roamed the school yard without the slightest fear.

I had power.

Again, this kind of schoolyard power is very primitive, but it’s more advanced cousins are quite applicable in many work place situations.

Later on as a teenager, I discovered that any time I was pulled over for a traffic stop and gave them my father’s business card (he was a lawyer), I got much better treatment.

The moment I handed the officer the card, I drastically increased my power.

Don’t think that power is only about putting fear into people because it’s not.

Many times great power can be had because someone believes they can enjoy personal gains by recognizing your power.

Here is a Free Power Technique

As a young adult I lost my way.

In my early twenties I fumbled from one lousy job to another, but eventually I found my way and became an entrepreneur.

I had a small service business that paid my bills, but I wanted to do something that offered me more opportunity.

So, I began trying to break into the movie business by writing screenplays.  The big problem I came across was that it wasn’t only a matter of writing good scripts.

You had to get them read by producers.

The problem was these people had an army of people to keep you out.

Then I discovered “Allied Power Linking.”  What I found out is that the old saying, “it’s who you know” couldn’t have been more on point in regards to Hollywood.

I was able to strike up a friendship with an important person in the industry from an outside source.

Everything changed!

When I called a producer’s office and said that my friend had told me to call them, I was given the welcome mat and my screenplay was eagerly accepted for review.

One of the best ways you can get doors open is by being able to reference a powerful ally.

What happens is that some or all of the power of this ally is transferred to you.  Acquiring these kinds of allies and then being able to link their power to you is a very potent tool.

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The Power Secrets of Many Successful
Business People Revealed

What I realized is that many of the successful people around likely had their own power secrets.

So, I began a mission to get these successful people to reveal their methods to acquire and use power. 

It’s not that easy to get a successful person to share all of their secrets to their success, but I was able to get each person to reveal at least one dynamic confidential power accumulation tactic.

What was so interesting is that although successful people all have their achievements in common, their philosophies and tactics on how they acquired their power vary greatly.

So, what I did was take what seemed to be the best power techniques of these assorted successful individuals and combined them with the power secrets that I had discovered on my own and put them all together.

Introducing the 8 Principles
of Power System!

The 8 Principles of Power System will teach you how to obtain and use power to bring you massive wealth and success in whatever your field is.

Here are just some of the compelling insider power strategies you’ll have in your success arsenal:

  • Use your reputation to get a meeting with almost anyone
  • How to become a magnet of attention
  • Get allies to close your deals for you
  • A secret with words that will dazzle other important people
  • Become surrounded with fortunate successful people and have their success rub off on you
  • A “Trojan Horse” technique that will disarm your opponents instantly
  • Create an intense desire in allies to help you without ever asking
  • Become invincible against possible enemies or detractors
  • Win arguments without proving the other guy wrong
  • A power tactic that will triple your control in relationships
  • How to turn weakness into strength
  • Become the master of how people perceive you
  • Use this innate instinct of people to turn people into your rabid supporters
  • Learn how and when boldness will reap success without earning enemies
  • Tap into a need of people that will have them flocking to you
  • The effective use of choices to control outcomes
  • A secret to win the hearts and minds of others
  • Capitalizing on the “Reflector Effect”
  • And many more proven power techniques

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Let me be blunt with you.

There is a lot of information in this program…very potent information.

But, what’s so great about the 8 Principles of Power System is that it doesn’t come as a giant encyclopedia set that you’ll never get around to reading.

You’ll Be Building Your Power
in Under an Hour!

Instead of lengthy books, the 8 Principles of Power System is all explained to you in simple concise language in an audio CD that takes under an hour to listen to.

Imagine this, your course arrives in the mail and you pop it into CD player on the way to work.  By the time you arrive you’ve already figured how to get that promotion or close a new deal.

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Aren’t you tired of seeing other people with all the power?

These powerful people aren’t superior to you. 

They’ve just been privy to deeply held power tools that most people have never heard of.

But, that’s all going to change now because you’re going to the possess the power secrets of a whole group of highly successful people.

Being Powerful Will Change the
 Outcome of Your Life!

This is no exaggeration.

Developing the easily learned skills in the 8 Principles of Power System will put you on a new playing field.

There’s no argument that a program that can change your whole life is almost priceless.

Certainly an investment of $295 would pay for itself a hundred times over when you built yourself into someone so powerful that your wealth, happiness and control increased a hundred fold.

Still, I really want every person that desires to obtain power to have access to the 8 Principles of Power System.

So, I’ve priced it at quite a bit less.

I promise to give you all the details in one moment, but I want to give you a piece of information that will make this a “no brainer” that you should possess the 8 Principles of Power System.

There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

That’s right.  I am so sure that you’re going to be blown away by the 8 Principles of Power System and that you’ll be able to change your whole life, that I’m going to put my money where my mouth is.

You can order the 8 Principles of Power System totally risk free and try out the program for a full 30 days.

If at any time during that period you are not 100% happy, then you can mail it back to the address on the CD for a full refund – no questions asked.

Okay, so I promised to give you all the details on how you can possess the immense might of the 8 Principles of Power System.

I also promised that the price would be less than the $295 figure we discussed before although clearly this would be a reasonable sum.

In fact, as a special trial offer the 8 Principles of Power System will be available for less than $100.

Only $39.95!

Just one thing…please understand that this is a special trial price and that I can only justify keeping the price this low for a limited time.

Since you know that you can’t lose anything, how can you not afford to try the 8 Principles of Power System?

Look, I could sit here all day and trot out reason after reason why you should give it a try.

But, it comes down to this:

Are you ready to be the master of your own fate?

If you are then, click the order link below and take charge of your life….

If you’re not ready…well, that’s okay.  The reality is that’s how most people are…they’re sheep who are afraid to leave the herd.
I sincerely hope that you’ll join me as a leader and not a follower…

A person that controls their destiny…not resigned to it.

The choice is yours.


Paul Lawrence

_______Yes, Paul.  I am tired of not being able to control my life as I’d like to.  I want to know the insider secrets that the wealthy and powerful use every day.  I understand that I will have no risk because if I’m unhappy I’ll have a full 30 days to get a full refund.

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