What Do Barbara Walters,
Mohammed Ali and Donald Trump
All Have In Common?

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Three people…all famous. 

But, they have more than that in common.

Sure, they’ve all made a lot of money, but I’m talking about something they all have in common that isn’t about what they’ve done or how much money they’ve accumulated.

I’m talking about something that every person who has achieved incredible accomplishments in any field has. Some people felt that Mohammed Ali had too much of it.

I’m talking about confidence.

Confidence is the One Thing That All People
Who Achieve Great Things Must Have!

Now, don’t get me wrong.  You don’t need to be a loud, aggressive person like Mohammed Ali was.

But without the confidence to believe that you can truly accomplish difficult tasks, you won’t be able to do it.

Imagine the self confidence that someone like Christopher Columbus had!  He believed in himself and his dreams so strongly that he was able to get a king to cough up a fortune for him to go sailing off around the world.

Not only was he confident enough to take this money from a king, he was confident enough to believe that he would be fine sailing off into the deep and dangerous ocean to try and cross the world.

Let’s remember.  There were no cell phones, short wave radios or a coast guard to come out and save someone back then.

He had to believe in himself so strongly that he was willing to float away with a boat load of men in search of great treasures.

On the opposite side of the coin, something else is just as true. Without strong confidence you will fail when trying to achieve success.

Let me make a confession to you.

I am Living Proof of How to Fail
Because of a Lack of Confidence!

I don’t want to bore you with my whole life story, but let me give you just the relevant facts because you might find some similarities to yourself.

When I was a little kid I was brimming with confidence. 

I opened up a lemonade stand, formed a social club of which I was president and boldly explained to anyone who would listen about how successful I intended to be.

I was ten years old.  It seemed simple then.

But, as I hit puberty, dealt with the tough world of high school somehow I lost that confidence.

Sure, I had friends and stumbled my way through the normal first dates and girlfriends, etc., but I wasn’t that kid filled with bravado anymore.  Looking back I deeply regret not joining the drama club, going out for sports and many other things.

My path through college was similar which ended with me going out and getting my first career job.

I remember telling people that I was going to do well, but the truth is that inside my own heart I wasn’t convinced. 

Eventually, I began self medicating, that first job and a few others didn’t really work out and suddenly I was in my late twenties and in a miserable job I hated.

To make matters worse, I still lived at home because I couldn’t really afford to be on my own, I had no meaningful romantic relationships nor any real friendships.

Now, maybe your life wasn’t this bad or maybe it was worse.  My guess is that if you’re still with me at this point, it’s because deep in your heart you suspect that you haven’t made happen what you want to in life because you haven’t had the confidence to make it happen.

Your Life Can Change Virtually Overnight!
I Know Because Mine Did.

I’m pleased to tell you that fortunately although as bumpy a road as I started out with, things began to change for me.

I stumbled across some self help books and they gave me a new perspective.  I realized that I only had this one life to live and I had to make drastic changes or mine was going to end very sadly.

So, I made some bold changes.

I went from being a business manager to a ballroom dance instructor.  I’d like to tell you that I suddenly had that confidence I was previously lacking.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  However, I did manage to achieve a certain amount of success through sheer hard work, determination and enough courage to do things I was terrified to do.

The Guts to Try Isn’t Enough to Slay Dragons.

Listen, I’m certain that if you had the same qualities that I just mentioned you could make some big changes in your life. 

I did, but I was only hitting singles.

Granted, hitting singles is a lot better than sitting in the nosebleed bleachers watching other people play.

But I wanted more.  In fact, I craved more.

If you also crave to hit grand slam home runs rather than singles or even if you’re someone that would be satisfied to at least get in the game, I have good news for you.

Confidence is Something You Can Acquire!

I’m sure you’ve heard similar things before.

Certainly I have at all the various motivation and success seminars I went to.  Their exercises and enthusiasm can kind of help, but my experience is that they just didn’t do the job for me or others that I met.

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So, I began to study successful people who seemed to be brimming with confidence.

It didn’t matter to me what field it was in.  I was sure that regardless I’d find common denominators.

One of my areas that I wanted to improve in was meeting single women since I was still single.  I had a friend that was relatively average in appearance but dated throngs of gorgeous women.

I’d see him approach them, oozing with confidence.  Yet, I was sure that they would shoot him down, but they didn’t!

I asked him about his lines and they weren’t anything brilliant.  Ultimately, I concluded that it was his confidence.  So, I studied him and discovered how he had this extraordinary confidence.

I did the same with people who were highly financially successful.  They all had this trait of having intense confidence.  And truthfully, upon glancing at the surface there seemed to be no reason why they should feel so self assured.

I Can Share Confidence Building Secrets That
Will Allow You to Try and Succeed in Areas
You’d Never Have Dreamed Possible.

I know.  It’s a bold statement, but I can back it up.

Let me illustrate this by sharing with you a very potent method to build absolute confidence.

I’ll start by asking you a question.  Would you be totally confident in investing $50,000 if you knew for certain….I’m talking absolutely 100% sure that you couldn’t lose your money?

I’m going to assume the answer is yes.

When you invest in a CD at a federally insured bank you do so with the utmost confidence, don’t you?

You do because unless this country has catastrophic problems way beyond what losing your CD would do to you, it’s certain that your principal is guaranteed.

If the bank goes bankrupt the federal government comes in and gives you back your money.  So, you can invest in CD’s with total and absolute confidence.

Antidotes: One Piece in the Confidence Puzzle

This solution for eliminating a possible negative outcome is what I call an “antidote.”

I first learned about the power of antidotes when I was in college and took judo (too bad I didn’t realize how to apply antidotes in other areas of my life back then!).

The first time I was ever flipped it was very painful.  Then, I was taught how to land in a way that prevented me from having any physical pain (if you land on your leg and side while slamming the mat with your arm, you don’t feel any pain.)

Suddenly, instead of being terrified to be flipped I wasn’t afraid at all.  In fact, I was brazenly confident.  It was like magic.  One day…deathly afraid of being flipped….next day…not afraid at all.

Let me give you another example:

As I got older I finally mustered up enough nerve to try doing stand up comedy.  The big fear of all new comics including myself is that the audience doesn’t laugh at the jokes.

Then, when I attended training for professional comedians I learned that if you acknowledge that the joke tanked and offer a small self deprecating joke about that joke that bombed, the audience will always laugh and suddenly your dud has turned into a success.

So, I’ll grant you that not every single thing that you might aspire to will have a perfect antidote such as the three examples I gave you.  But, there are many situations that do have one.

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Let’s take another possible scenario.  Imagine that you are thinking of leaving your old job for a new one.

The only problem is that you’re afraid that if the new job doesn’t work out, you could then be in some deep trouble.  This fear could actually gnaw at you and cause you to perform below your actual potential.

Ironically, your fear could become a self fulfilling prophecy. 

I’ve seen it happen too many times to count.  But, what if you had arranged to be able to return to your old job if your new job didn’t work out? Then, you wouldn’t have any fear at all, right?

Admittedly, you might not be able to work that out.  But sometimes you might be able to.  So, while the antidote technique is very potent when available, sometimes it’s not. But when it is…it is of profound power.

The Six Keys to Absolute Confidence

In my studies of successful people and their confidence secrets and then my own life path of applying these principles, I’ve been able to identify six keys that can change a person’s destiny.  I took these principles and turned it into a formalized audio program called the Confidence Key Program.

I know frequently when you read similar letters the author goes through a great deal of trouble to give each benefit a clever name and to itemize them all for you.

I’m not going to do that here, but I will share with you some of the things that these keys have done for me and could possibly do for you. Now, please remember up until my late twenties I was so unsuccessful I had to live at home with my mother.

  • Offered and got the owner of a triplex to sign a deal where he paid me $5000 when we closed.
  • Performed a live Mambo dance routine in a theater in front of approximately 1000 people successfully despite never having done anything like this before.
  • Met with and signed a deal to produce a network television show with the president of one of the largest production studios in Los Angeles.
  • Successfully sold and became a producer on a multimillion dollar feature film that was produced and featured an Emmy award winning actress.
  • Authored a small business course that is a leading seller of a $100 million dollar publishing company subsidiary.
  • Performed as a stand up comic over 100 times on stage, frequently in front of audiences in excess of 200 people.
  • Operated a successful private ballroom dance instruction service that thrived so magnificently I was the other teacher’s most hated competitor.
  • Became so successful at meeting women at nightclubs that I danced and dated scores of women until finally meeting the right one that I married.
  • Acted in a major feature film in a scene with superstars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence despite having no formal training in acting or film.

Well, the list could go on and on, but I think you get the point.  This change in me was nothing short of miraculous.

But, don’t think that the Confidence Key Program I created has only worked for me.  It’s also worked miracles for others.

  • Sandy S. started off so terrified of dancing in public that she couldn’t cope with even dancing socially in public. Today, she is a celebrated local amateur dancer who performs show dance routines in front of large crowds about 12 times a year.
  • Sophia S. was an immigrant from Latin America.  She was so uncomfortable trying to speak English that she couldn’t muster up the courage to go into the mainstream workforce.  Now she has a thriving business with clients clamoring to get an appointment with her.  Now, she’s so successful that she drives a very expensive brand new automobile and has sent enough money back home that her family added a second floor to their house.
  • Mitchell B. was successful in business but not in his personal life.  He just didn’t have the confidence to meet someone.  But shortly after using the Confidence Key Program he met his wife who he’s been happily married to for the last five years.

Again, I could keep going with more examples.  But let’s talk about a topic that’s probably more interesting to you.

That topic is you!

You’ve got to be accountable to yourself for why your life isn’t going just as you want it to.  If you want to change you can.  But, what you need are the tools.

Everyone would love to be able to just decide, “hey, I’m going to be more confident.”  The problem is that doesn’t work.  Not for me and not for most people.

So, you have a couple of options.

You could do what I did.  You could spend thousands of hours studying successful people from reading books and interviewing and observing dozens of successful people in many fields.

I’m sure with persistence and a great deal of effort you could be able to identify those common denominators and maybe formulate some methods that could really help you.

Or on the other hand you could simply click a button and obtain the Confidence Key Program yourself.

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Let me ask you something.  If I could offer you a magic wand that could change the whole outcome of your life, how much would you pay me?

$1000?  $5000?  $10,000?

Who wouldn’t pay that much to change their whole life?  Well, if I was to work with you one on one, I’d probably need to charge that much. 

But, by creating a simple audio CD that you can play in your car stereo on the way to work or in your computer at home, you can tap into the phenomenal power of acquiring pure, unadulterated confidence.

I know that a price of even $250 would be a bargain.  But, as with all of my programs I want them to be affordable to anyone.

You Can Try the Confidence Key Program
With Absolutely No Risk!

I’ll reveal the very reasonable investment for the Confidence Key Program in just one second, but first I want to give you the confidence to be able to try this program with zero risk.

You can do this because I am so sure that you’re going to be so thrilled with the Confidence Key Program…that it will so radically change your life, that I’m going to guarantee it with a 100% money back guarantee.


Here’s the deal:  You try the Confidence Key Program for a full 30 days.  And if for any reason you aren’t totally satisfied, just mail it back to me and I’ll give you a full refund…no questions asked.

Only $39!

That’s all that is separating you from finally being able to be so loaded with confidence that you’ll be able to hit your own “grand slam” home runs.

With one click of your mouse below you can be on your way to changing you life…to finally taking your rightful place at the “table of success.”

I strongly urge you not to waste another second.  Just order right now and begin your new life!

All I ask is that when your life does change so dramatically that you drop me a line and let me know about your success.


Paul Lawrence

______Yes, Paul, I want to change my whole life by learning the Confidence Key Program’s keys to confidence.  I understand that I will have no risk because I will have a full 30 days to try it out and if I’m unsatisfied I can return the program for a full refund.

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