To Hell With Long Term Holding, Day Trading, Options and All the Other B.S.

While Many Investors Are Paralyzed By the
Fear of a Major Correction...

I'm Part of a Silent Underground Group
that Seizes 50%+ Gains In Under 30 Days...
Time and Time Again...We Get In and Out
Before Anyone Has Realized What's

Would You Like to Join Me?

Dear Concerned Reader,

I'm about to reveal information that could change the course of your life.

But before I do, I'd like to "prequalify" you.

Why?  Because I want to save us both some time.

I'm not interested in dealing with any sheep that just want to follow the herd. If you were frightened by the recent down markets or if you are terrified of possible new drops...if you want to stay on the sidelines in a holding pattern as you lick your wounds while you realize you may never be able to retire...then do us both a favor and don't read any further.

But, if you're someone who realizes that huge fluctuations in the market and chaotic times create big opportunities, then we should talk.


The Wall Street Journal Says...

"Turbulent financial times can be a tremendous opportunity."

Most investors are panicky right now.

They're scared because they've seen the values of their supposedly safe "blue chip" stocks vaporize before and they're afraid it's about to happen again.

Yes, there has been a recovery lately, but people's net worths are still down more than $65.3 trillion dollars from two years ago and every serious stock analyst knows there will be lots of ups and downs in the market before things calm down.

And, that's how we are going to make our money.

Later in this letter I'll tell you more about me and my group – but I can assure you that you won't see our names on CNBC, the Wallstreet Journal or in any other media.

We prefer raking in buckets full of money quietly without any fanfare.  I really don't care about how many auto manufacturers and airlines are still bleeding money or how many banks are still close to collapsing because they don't have enough capital.

That's because we've got the system beat.  Our money problems are ancient history.

We've discovered a way to dip our hands into a virtual money pond and see huge gains.  And, if you're the kind of person I'm hoping you are, then I'd like to help you do the same.

An Average Profit of 54.2% In Two Months!

Let me show you just a few real life examples of profits I've made personally using the strategies I'm going to share with you.

Bought this technology company at $2.90 ....sold at $4.40 = net profit: 51.7%
Bought this chemical company at $2.45 ...sold at $3.80 = net profit: 55.1%
Bought this Internet company at $1.70 ...sold at $2.65 = net profit: 55.8%

Are you starting see what I'm talking about?

While millions of people sit in despair in front of their televisions sets....afraid that another major correction is about to drop on their heads like a huge lead safe, I'm counting up the kind of gains people only dream of. 

While using my strategies, I'm seeing gains of over 50% in a matter of days!

The annualized rates of returns on these plays is in excess of 3000%! If you even realized gains of 350% (about 1/10th of what I've done), the potential for newly accumulated wealth is staggering.

These are the kinds of gains I HAVE BEEN MAKING. I've shown you a few samples and I will show you more to prove that these aren't lucky shots in the dark. But, first think about this:

If you took just one thousand dollars and   averaged only 350%
returns in just five years you'd have a total of

This is How I Do It...

I'm going to explain to you exactly how I've made these kinds of gains.

You don't need a degree from an ivy league school to know that almost everyone who had just been operating on a  "hold on for a long time and they'll eventually grow" strategy lost as much as 50% of their wealth or more over the past two years.

The reason why these people had no chance to start with is that they were using flawed logic.

There is no particular reason that a stock should simply become more valuable with time. A stock is not like beachfront property.  Each year more developments go up, so there are less beachfront properties available.

While economic cycles will cause prices to rise and fall somewhat with prime beachfront real estate, the fact is that each year there is less supply.  It's basic economics. 

Supply goes down...price goes up.

So, if someone wants to hold onto some beachfront real estate for ten or twenty years  there is a logic behind the idea that if they hold on long enough it will become more valuable.

But, stocks don't work like that.

Yes, there are buy and sell pressures that affect the price, but there's no reason for stocks to automatically go up in value just because you've held onto it for awhile.

And, on top of that financial markets have so many other factors that influence prices, that it's almost insane to just buy a stock with the idea of holding onto it for years.

Why So Many Day Traders Lose Money

Let's go to the opposite extreme.

Most people have heard of day trading.  If you haven't it's essentially people that move into the market quickly with the intent of selling the position that same day.

Sure, there are a very small percentage of really savvy investors that might make some money doing this.

But, make no mistake about it.  It's not easy.

Day traders make their plays on hunches. If their guess is right, maybe they make a profit.  If it's wrong, pow!  They get creamed. It's really more like playing blackjack.

Now, out of all the people that go to casinos, there are a few people that walk away winners, but if you're familiar with the facts, you know that the vast majority of gamblers at the blackjack tables walk away with losses.

I Prefer to Use Intelligent Investing
Instead of Gambling

Okay, please listen closely.

I'm about to divulge to you how I'm finding these gains in such a rough market.

I'm using what's called the Fortune Scope Trading Strategy.  In my program the majority of my plays are under 30 days although there are some minor fluctuations.

I've found that this period allows me a large enough period of time to use some very powerful and accurate predictors, so that the majority of plays are winners.

And, by limiting my holding period to brief timelines I remove the majority of the risk from long term unknown market factors and events. 

After all, who would've predicted two years ago how many companies would crash and burn because of the decimated real estate market.

But, if I'm thinking of making a play that could be influenced by the real estate market in the next two weeks, the chances of a total surprise happening are very remote.

The Reason Why We're Able to Consistently
See These Gains

I want you to imagine a meteorologist who is predicting a hurricane.

If he sees that there is a huge storm system approaching the coastline, he can be pretty sure that if even the outer bands only hit land there is going to be some intense rain coming.

I'll grant you that he won't be right one hundred percent of the time.  But, he'll be right a lot more than he's wrong.

You should be able to win even if you're right only "half the time."

The same thing can be done with the market!

If you watch for the right signals you can swoop in and pull out a bag of cash.

There is a unique combination of characteristics that will tell you when a stock is going to make a big move.

And when that happens, we'll be there to "cash in" on it. Take a look at these additional gains that I saw while testing my strategies.

Hartford Financial Ticker: HIG
Starting Price on 5/1/2009 $10.57
Ending Price on 5/7/2009 $15.80
49% return in 6 days! = 2980% Annualized Return!
Jul. 23, 2009 Jan. 10, 2011
AllState Ticker: ALL
Starting Price on 5/5/2009 $23.18
Ending Price on 5/7/2009 $27.75
20% return in 2 days! = 3650% Annualized Return!
Genworth Financial Ticker: GNW
Starting Price on 5/5/2009 $2.77
Ending Price on 5/6/2009 $3.75
35% return in 1 day! = 12,775% Annualized Return!
Gold Corp. Ticker: GG
Starting Price on 5/5/2009 $29.29
Ending Price on 5/13/2009 $34.50
18% return in 8 days = 821.25% Annualized Return!
Fifth Third Bancorp Ticker FITB
Starting Price on 5/5/2009 $4.65
Ending Price on 5/10/2009 $8.55
84% return in 5 days = 6132% Annualized Return!
Amazon Ticker: AMZN
Starting Price on 6/1/2009 $77.90
Ending Price on 6/3/2009 $85.50
10% return in 2 days = 1825% Annualized Return

It's Not Just Me Getting Rich

Becoming rich with stock investing isn't some pipedream.

It is very real and it can happen for you.

"You could make a million dollars...if you apply yourself. It is easy to miss the point that you can really do it."

Bruce Kovner- profited over $300 million investment.

There are hordes of people you've never heard of who have and continue to make a killing in the stock market.

For example, you've probably never heard of John Neff.  But the gains he made were capable of turning $10,000 into $587,000.

Or Timothy Sykes, a Tulane University graduate who turned a Bar-Mitzvah gift of $12,415 gift into $1.65 million dollars.

The reason that you can make so much money with the stock market is that it's made of millions of people most of whom are making their decisions based on emotions.  What you've got to understand is that making profits from the market requires making decisions based on objective information.

You must have a strategy that can tell you
what moves to make.

To make these moves you've got know how the market works.  For example, did you know that stocks that double or triple in price fall by an average of 72% once they've reached their peaks?

Many people believe that most of these companies eventually recover, but the fact is that more than half of them never return to their peak price and those that do can take up to five years to do so.

For all of those masses that are buying on the belief that if it's a good company then it's price has got to come back, this is bad news.

However, for the shrewd investor that knows the rules, it's good news.

It's an opportunity to cash in.

It's also important that you understand the powerful role that mutual funds and other institutional investors play in determining the market's direction.

Institutional or professional investors many of whom manage portfolios of as much as $10 billion dollars make up about 75% of all market activity.

When one of these institutional investors makes a decision to take a sizable position in a company they don't just go out and buy 10 million shares in a single day. They take their time, buying for a few days, and then letting the price slide back down a bit.  All of this activity creates a pressure on a stock's price.

If you can read the right forecast just like the meteorologist using "Doppler Radar" on television who can see a storm approaching, you can jump in and pluck out a pile of cash.

Make Your Money Problems a Thing of the Past

I don't have financial problems anymore and you don't need to either.

Are you thinking about taking a vacation?  Well, you don't need to worry about the cost. Time to get a new car? Forget about qualifying. With Fortune Scope you could just buy it with cash.

I want you to imagine how much different your life would be if you could have all of the money you want:

  • Own a beautiful home (paid in full of course)
  • Drive any luxury car you desire
  • Take world class vacations anytime
  • Enjoy the best health care money can buy
  • Own beautiful works of art, a yacht, or anything else your heart yearns for
  • Be able to send your children to the best colleges without worrying aboutwhere the money is going to come from.
  • Quite simply...lead a life of privilege and prosperity

"Hold onto your winners and
 cut your losers."

Michael Marcus, Professional Trader
Turned a $30,000 account into $80 million dollars.

All You Need is More Wins than Losses

It's this fact that can make you wealthy.

You don't need to get it right every time.  All you need is the right strategy that can help you see the highest gains when your pick is right and minimize the losses.

That's all you need to do!

If you're getting it right even half of the time, you could be wealthy in no time.  

So Easy a Seventh Grader Can Do it!

There's a big myth that just isn't true.

Most people think that you've got to have a degree from Harvard or some other prestigious school to "cash in" on the market.

But, nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, I wanted to make sure that my strategies were so easy to learn that I made sure that a seventh grader could understand.

And, boy did they!  They did it easily.  If you can do basic math then you can start doing what the "insiders" are doing....finding huge gains in the markets with the Fortune Scope Trading Strategy.

Earlier I promised to give you a little bit more information about myself and my group.

My name is Mitch Jaworski.

The truth is I used to play on the other side of the street.

Right after graduating college I was trained by Morgan Stanley to be an investment advisor.  I have received multiple financial brokerage licenses.  During my time at this global wealth management company in business for over 130 years, I learned all of the intricacies of how the markets worked. 

Trading For Yourself Can Be
Much More Profitable

It didn't take me long to figure out that instead of advising clients on how to make money and earning a measly commission, I could play the markets myself.

Over the last ten years I have enjoyed a very lucrative career as a professional trader. Using my trading strategies I've continued to see impressive gains even while the market as a whole has fallen.

During that time, my friends and family who were getting killed came to me...frankly they were practically begging me to show them how to stop losing money.

So, I relented and began to teach some of them how to use my simple formulas and strategies to be able to forecast moves in the market and see big gains doing it.

Truthfully, I found it to be quite gratifying to help others.

The problem was that before I knew it one person told another about me and pretty soon I was getting so many requests for personal coaching that I was having trouble to find time to make my own trades.

That's when the inspiration came to me that what I should do is create a formalized program that would provide all the instruction so that people could learn my strategy in the comfort of their own home.

The Fortune Scope Trading Strategy
Is a Total Package

I want to make something clear to you.

The Fortune Scope Trading Strategy is not some kind of lead in program that will require you to purchase more expensive software or programs.

It is a complete nuts and bolts program that could take you from square one all the way through to becoming wealthy. 

The program consists of 5 CD's that allows me to show you step by step how you could use my strategies to "cash in" on the stock market.

All you do is pop the CD's into the computer and watch on your computer screen as you listen to me showing you all the simple details.

It will be like I'm right there with you teaching you everything you need to understand about seeing gains from my Fortune Scope Trading Strategy.

As I told you before, this program is so easy to use, you're not going to believe it.

You don't need:

  • A formal finance education
  • Advanced Math skills
  • Or any experience

And don't worry about the program being a mountain of books and videos that will take forever to get through.

Each CD is under an hour in length.  So, in less than five hours you can be ready to prepare to make your first play.

And, for those of you that are total beginners to stock trading, don't worry because I don't just give you formulas and a hearty slap on the back.  I give you detailed information on what to do every step of the way.

I don't only tell you how to predict your plays I teach you everything you need to know on how to actually make investments from how to open an account to what to say on the phone.  For the more advanced investors, you can simply skip to the next section.

It's Like Looking Into a Crystal Ball

With The Fortune Scope Trading Strategy you'll be able to use my powerful techniques to identify potential profit opportunities that are forming in the markets.

Just like a meteorologist at the National Hurricane Center you'll be able to anticipate (with a surprising amount of accuracy) the path of certain stock prices.  You'll be able to easily size up when to get in and when to get out.

The guesswork is taken out of it!

Of course, there is no such thing as a guaranteed investment... but you'll see that with my strategy, I'll show you how I go after only the safest, most potentially profitable opportunities...and how you can do the same. 

How Much is A Secure Financial Future
Worth to You?

It's always very difficult to place a value on something that could change your entire life.  However, there are some customary formulas that are used to quantify values.

First of all, if you were to get some personal financial consulting from someone with my level of credentials and success, you would likely need to pay something like $5000.

But, I'm well aware that the people who need my program the most...the ones who've seen their life savings vanish...may find a number like that a little difficult.  So, because I want to make sure that everyone who wants this program is able to get it, I'm going to make it available for much less.

I'll give you the full details in one moment, but first let me share another very important detail with you.

Try my strategy - with Zero Risk

I want you to please consider what I've just told you carefully.

I am so confident that you could see huge gains using my strategy ...that it will be so easy and so rewarding, that you will be nothing less than ecstatic that you chose to join me using The Fortune Scope Trading Strategy...that there is no chance that you will want to stop using it.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I'll give you a full 30 days to give The Fortune Scope Trading Strategy a full test drive.  If you're not happy for any reason at all, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

But, just to make sure that you have absolutely no reason not to join me in seeing huge gains in the stock market with The Fortune Scope Trading Strategy, I'm going to put my money where my mouth is.

As far as I'm concerned this makes this all a "no-brainer."  Since you know that you can't lose on this deal, how could you possibly pass it up?

Okay, so I promised to give you the full details on what it takes to get started with The Fortune Scope Trading Strategy.

As I pointed out for you to have someone with my experience share the kind of information I'm going to give you, it could easily cost five thousand dollars or more.

But, I promised to make it a lot easier to get into. 

In fact, while this extensive program would be a bargain at one thousand dollars, I'm going to go further than that.

I'm going to make The Fortune Scope Trading Strategy available to you for a ridiculously low amount.

Only $395!

I want to remind you that I won't be able to guarantee how long this introductory price will be available.

My publishing company is not thrilled with this low price and I've promised them that we will raise the price up to it's full market value as soon as our initial testing is done.

There's one more reason you should act quickly.

A Full 12 Months of Customer Support

You will also be offered a full 12 months of free access to the content help line.

Like I told you this program is so simple, a seventh grader can understand it. And I've taken the time to explain in great detail how to do it all. 

In addition to the complete home study program with the 5 CD's that explain everything you'll need to know in order to start scoping out your own potential profit opportunities, I will also provide you with a phone number and e-mail address strictly for The Fortune Scope Trading Strategy clients.

If you have any questions, you can contact our content help line at any time, and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.  

Just like I stated when I began this letter, if you're a serious investor who is ready to take action, then I urge you to take action right away before this trial offer with this amazing price and free customer support ends.

And remember I'm personally guaranteeing that you're going to be thrilled with your decision to join me with your full 30 day free trial period.

Since this entire program is under five hours you'll be able to easily begin using my strategies almost immediately.  With just one good play, you could earn back the entire cost of the program plus a very tidy profit long before the credit card bill even arrives.

I look forward to having you join me in my quest to let the average investors get their rightful share while the sheep stand idly by wondering what happened to their retirement fund.


Mitch Jaworski
July 2009

______Yes, Mitch! I want to join you using The Fortune Scope Trading Strategy so I can learn to scope out profit opportunities in the market. I understand that if I act right now I will get the amazingly low initial price and 12 months of free access to the Content Help Line and I also understand that I will have zero risk with this purchase because I will have a full 30 trial period with a full money back guarantee.

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