Learn How to Get Rich in a Business That is Recession Proof

I Brought In Over $50,000 in the First 90 Days and You Can Do the Same!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

The statement above is a fact.

I have the numbers and the proof if anyone were to challenge me.  I’m going to tell you about one of the most lucrative businesses you can possible operate.

It’s the natural health business.

This business is highly lucrative with profit margins that are frequently about 90%. Plus, it is very recession proof and is growing by leaps and bounds despite the economy.  Listen to this:

According to the Nutrition Business Journal:
The natural health business will exceed
$172+ billion dollars
this year
and continues to grow.

Let me explain just some of the reasons why this business is excellent for an entrepreneur.

  • Very low overhead (low expenses equals high profits)
  • Almost all tasks can be outsourced (means a $1 million+ dollar business can be run part time, I did it and so can you)
  • Income can be generated almost instantly (no waiting a year or more to recoup investment or generate profits)
  • High rates of customer satisfaction (these customers really value the benefits they receive which means that they are strong repeat buyers.)
  • Little customer service needed (because you can outsource your order fulfillment, you hardly ever need to deal with a customer directly, so very few headaches)
  • Enormous profit potential (this is a business where it’s very realistic to become a million dollar plus business inside of one year)
  • Finance growth with sales (the profits can be reinvested into the business so your capital needs can be reduced)
  • Can be started with little capital (while you can certainly grow more profitably quicker with a larger investment it’s absolutely possible to start a natural health business with under $500…I did it, so I know it’s true.)

It’s Not Just Me Making a Fortune

Let me tell you how I got started in this business.

I was looking for jobs as a direct mail copywriter when I was referred to A.S.  It turned out that A.S. had an incredible business marketing natural health products.  In fact he was netting a profit of about $2.3 million dollars a year.

What really blew me away was that all he had was two women working for him.  One did the books and the other was an administrative assistant.

Oh, by the way, just three years before that this same guy that’s earning millions a year was a door-to-door office supply salesman.

But, A.S. is just one of many people I know getting rich in this business.

D.M. had very little capital but within one year’s time he grew a business that at last reports was actually netting him about $1 million dollars year.

Then, there’s B.S. He saw these other guys making a fortune in this business, so he jumped in and is now making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year too.

In fact, B.S. was my original partner in the natural health business.  His company was making so much money, he decided to open another company.  He made me his partner and within only a few short months this new company was rolling in money.

In less than a year, I decided I wanted to fly solo, so we parted ways and now I’m enjoying a six figure income while only working a few hours a week in my natural health business.

I’m Going to Share the Insider Secrets With You

Let me totally honest with you.

This business is as awesome as I’m telling you.

But, like any business, you’ve got to know how to do it right to make money.  The reason why I made so much money so quickly was that I was told how the business works by insiders that had been siphoning off obscene profits for years.

I’m not saying that you couldn’t manage to build a natural health business without the information I’m going to share with you.

I’m just telling you that I’m going to give you coveted secrets that will make your chances of making a fortune quickly exponentially higher.

Here’s just some of the insider secrets I’m going to give you:

  • What products sell like hot cakes
  • The best way to start making a six figure income in 90 days
  • A way to start selling the hottest selling products without laying out any cash for inventory
  • Everything you need to know about formulating products
  • Where to find reputable suppliers
  • The key to making 90% profit margins
  • The pitfalls to avoid any regulatory troubles
  • What kinds of promotions work for which types of products
  • How to get great copywriting without paying a fortune
  • When you should rent lists
  • How to find good list brokers and not get ripped off
  • Turning a one time sale into an annual cash cow
  • The best ways to make a fortune online with a natural health business
  • What kind of response rates do you really need to be profitable
  • How you can use pay per click to get rich
  • A method to have competitors sending you checks for thousands
  • And just too many other things to list here!

Why I’m Willing to Share
These Secrets With You

If you’re an astute business person you might have wondered why I would be willing to share these great secrets with you.

After all, if I’m in the business (which I am), then why would I want to arm my competitors?

Here’s the simple honest answer:

I already have thousands of competitors.  There are so many people in this business, it’s not going to make an ounce of difference if I have a few other competitors.

To tell you the truth, I partner all the time with competitors in joint venture deals and we both add to our bottom lines.

There’s no problem with competition because this market is just insatiable.

The Natural Health Business
Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

That’s the really great thing about this business.

Even though so many other people are having trouble with their business, my natural health business continues to boom.

In fact, as of this writing I just enjoyed a new record month of revenues.

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The reason I believe is that there are certain things that people don’t scrimp on.  One of those things is their health.

The natural health customers are intensely interested in their health and they’re more than willing to pay a fair price if you can offer them products that will solve their problems.

There Are Many Options

Another great thing about this field is that there are many different areas you can focus on.

For example, some people might want to specialize in marketing nutritional supplements that help people improve their physique. But, for someone else that might be a bore.  They could prefer to help people with their nutrition so that they can live a longer and healthier life.

For someone else, the preference might be to help people learn how to reap the benefits from yoga or meditating.

That’s what’s so exciting about this field.

Not only will people rabidly snap up your products…you’ll be able to focus on a particular aspect that appeals to you.

In fact, you can actually feel good that you’re helping enrich other people’s lives.

I defy you to find many businesses that offer some of the most lucrative profits available that also helps people.

An Experienced Consultant in This Field Would
Cost You $500 an Hour

If you think I’m exaggerating, I urge you to do some research.

The truth is that not only will you need to pay someone that kind of money to get the information that I’m going to share with you, but you’ll have a very hard time even finding someone.

When I say someone that’s qualified, I mean someone that’s actually made money doing this. Or for that matter, someone that is making profits doing this while you read this letter.

Most insiders that know these kinds of secrets have no interest in sharing the wealth with outsiders.

I don’t really blame them.  After all, that is all they do.

But for me, it’s a different story.

I have a lucrative natural health business because it’s just impossible to resist.  I know how to do it and the money is just there for the taking.

However, unlike some of the other people in the industry, it’s only a small part of my overall business interests.  As I explained, it doesn’t hurt me to share my knowledge with you. (although it certainly angers some of my competitors to be revealing this kind of insider information to outsiders.)

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Luckily, I don’t really care if it annoys them.

One of my other major businesses is helping other aspiring entrepreneurs realize their dreams.  And, this business is just too awesome not to share.

You could realistically spend thousands of dollars to learn the secrets that I’m going to give you. 

Fortunately, I’m going to provide you with them for a lot less.  I’ll get to the exact numbers but first let me mention one other important thing.

You Will Have No Risk

I’m so confident that you’re going to make a fortune with these secrets that I’m willing to stand behind my program 100%.

I’m going to give you a full 30 days to examine and try out the techniques and strategies in the program (since you can be earning money in as little as a week, this is plenty of time!).

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, you can return the program to the address on the CDs and I’ll give you a full refund.

I simply can’t be fairer than that.

Additional Bonus Items

Besides the audio program that is going to give you all the insider secrets you’ll need to know to start your own profitable natural health business, I’m going to give you some other important tools to assure your success.

Bonus #1:  Budget Mail Money Maker System – Value: $79.00

Although mail order is not the only way to make money in the natural health business, it’s an excellent way.  So, you’re going to have all of the tools in this program which reveals all the insider knowledge you’ll need to profit from mail order.

Bonus #2: 8 Ways to Start a Million Dollar Internet Business for $99 or Less!Value: $49

The other really great way to make a fortune with a natural health business is online.  So, to help make sure your online marketing is a huge success you’ll have this program which will give you the best online marketing secrets that I’ve personally used to make a fortune with.

That’s $128 in Bonuses!

And, let’s not forget that I’ve already proved to you that the information in this audio program that will give you the insider secrets to getting rich in the natural health business are easily worth $500.

But, as I already told you, I know that times are rough right now.  So, although it’s worth so much more, I’m not even going to price this program at $250.

And, let’s not forget that you can try this program without any risk whatsoever because there’s a 100% money back guarantee.

Only $99!

No, that’s not a typo.

Truthfully, I can’t promise how long I’m going to keep it at this insanely low price. 

So, if you really want to operate one of the most lucrative and stable businesses out there, then I’d order right now.  Because once I’ve gotten enough testimonials in from some of the users, I plan on raising the price to it’s real value.

If you’re ready to take action and jump on this bandwagon, then just click the link below.


Paul Lawrence

_____Yes, Paul, I want to take advantage of this insanely low introductory price for your Insider Secrets to the Natural Health Business of $99.  I understand that I will also receive the two bonus programs that retail individually for $128.  I also understand that I will have no risk because I will have a 100% thirty day money back guarantee.