Use These 12 Rules and Your Income and
Power Will Go up a Hundred Times

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I’m going to give you some secrets that will change your whole life.

I know that’s a pretty bold claim, so let me give you some history to help you understand why I feel so confident.

Not that many years ago, I was a frustrated small business person.

I certainly wasn’t starving, so I was thankful for that.  But, although I’d struggled my way out of poverty and was making a modest living working for myself, I just couldn’t seem to get myself to the next level.

Perhaps you find yourself in a similar place?

Your Success is Not Just Based on Talent

I’ll admit something to you.

When I was younger, I felt angry because I knew I was filled with talent and potential, yet I hadn’t achieved my goals.

What made it worse was that I knew people with less talent that were somehow doing a lot better than me.

I foolishly attributed it to luck.

Now, looking back I can see that most of those guys had gotten to where they were because they had a major attribute that I didn’t have.

You see for every goal that you want to achieve…whether it’s to own a large business or to advance up the ladder at the company you work for, other people will actually decide your fate for you.

It’s a fact.

All of your efforts will require the cooperation of other people.

Many experts have estimated that only 15% of your success will be decided solely on your talent.

That means that 85% of your success will be decided by others.

You need masterful people skills for all of the following:

  • Securing new clients
  • Obtaining investors
  • Finding partners
  • Motivating employees
  • Closing deals
  • Negotiating
  • Retaining customers
  • Developing allies
  • And many more important skills

As I reflect upon those guys that seemed to move up the company faster than me or secured business deals I couldn’t make happen, I can see clearly now that they had people skills that I simply didn’t possess.

Navigating Business Waters
is Tricky Business

Now, I’m not talking about the basics that anyone knows.

We all know it’s nice to smile at people or give a firm handshake.

But a firm handshake doesn’t influence a wealthy investor into investing into your new start up firm.

I’m talking about highly advanced methods of dealing with people that can give you a profound ability to achieve your goals.

I’m also not talking about a few clever sales tricks or methods of persuasion.

Sure, these things are effective, but they don’t deliver the kind of immense influence that you want to have on people.

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Determine if What You’re Doing is Working

Getting back to my own story, that’s what I did.

I concluded that my approach simply wasn’t getting me to that next level.

Since I was quite sure that I had the necessary natural abilities to be successful, I became determined to figure out where the deficiency was.

To do this, I began to carefully observe highly successful people that I knew or could otherwise watch.  I had to figure out what they were doing that I wasn’t.

I knew that perhaps I wasn’t some kind of “slick” people magnet, but I wasn’t socially handicapped either.

I had friends and got along well with people.

Still, what I began to notice was that whether it was a famous successful businessman I read about or if it was someone that I personally knew, it became clear to me that they had a way with people that I just didn’t have.

After all there might be a few people with the good fortune to have stumbled their way into success without the right skill sets.

But, for the most part, successful people have what they do because they had the skills to obtain it.

So, I embarked on a campaign to mastering the art of people skills.

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People Skills is More than Being Smooth

Quite often when people think of someone with “people skills,” they imagine a silver tongued individual.

Granted, many people with amazing people skills are smooth talkers.

But, many are not.

Having a mastery of people skills is much more powerful.  It’s about being able to do and say the right things when it’s needed.

Sometimes a situation calls for a reaction that isn’t oily slick.

There may be times where you have been attacked by a colleague and you’re going to need to defend yourself.  You may even need to align yourself with allies to resolve the problem.

Responding in a way that protects your business interests and dignity while securing the support of other allies requires more than a silver tongue.

It requires genuine potent people skills.

Acquiring Advanced People Skills
Changed My Life

As I mentioned when I had the realization that I needed to change the whole way I handled myself, I wasn’t starving.

I just wasn’t making it to that next level.

But something amazing happened!

I began to experiment and used various strategies that I saw other very successful people use.

I’ll give you a little example of a tiny people skills technique.

I had a very wealthy client who would sometimes take very aggressive stances.

But, he always prefaced this by first apologizing for needing to do something so aggressive.

I witnessed him over half a dozen times doing this and without exception people didn’t become upset when I was certain that if he hadn’t used this little tool, they would’ve been furious.

Now, this example is just a little tiny tool. If you think about how powerful even such a small tactic is, can you imagine if you had an arsenal of the most sophisticated people skills available?

The change in my life was swift and drastic.

Within the first twelve months of using my new program instead of just owning a small ballroom dance instruction service all of the following happened:

  • Became a partner with a multimillionaire in a movie which he funded.
  • Got a writing consultant to make me his partner in a business that made over $100,000 with no investment from me.
  • Produced a local cable television program that aired over 50 times with over a dozen volunteers who happily worked for free even though they knew I was making a profit.
  • Received a 100% scholarship at a renowned institute for business writing and was offered a full apprenticeship so I instantly received high paying freelance work where I was paid about $300 per page of copy.
  • Had a set of partners with a multimillion dollar business invite me to head a new business that they would fund and teach me how to do.

There were actually a few more amazing opportunities that just “fell into my lap.”  But, I’m sure you get the idea.

My life irrevocably changed and so can your life.

Introducing the 12 Secrets to
People Power System!

I’m in the publishing business, so I’ve learned a few things about what people will actually do.

It’s my experience that most people simply won’t read an encyclopedia style text book even after they’ve paid for it.

So, my goal is to provide life changing secrets in a way that people will be able to use.

That’s why the 12 Secrets to People Power System is a simple audio CD that you can play in your computer or on any stereo.  Imagine being able to pop in the CD on the way to work and actually changing your future that very same day!

However, there is something that you need to understand.

The material in this program is very powerful.  These aren’t lighthearted, feel good, tips like a motivational book might have.

Each of these secrets are very potent strategies that shouldn’t be used lightly.

Let me give you a few examples of what you’ll have on your side in your quest to achieve all of your dreams.

  • The People Power Resistance Breaker that will instantly break down people’s natural resistance.
  • Using honesty to win trust while avoiding it’s pitfalls
  • A technique that will have you mirroring other successful people faster than any other tool.
  • The best way to stop others from dragging you down with them.
  • A method that will triple your communication skills in 1 hour
  • How to become a person with charisma
  • A way to phrase things that will make someone your instant ally
  • And many more life changing People Power Secrets

I want you to take a second to think about how much you really want to get to the next level.

If you aren’t where you thought you’d be by now, it’s almost guaranteed that the reason is you aren’t a master of people skills.

The “12 Secrets to People Power System” will give you this kind of life changing power.  These are the most potent techniques and strategies that I’ve spent over 10 years fine tuning and using.

If I were to consult with you on a one-on-one basis to divulge this kind of powerful information I would need to charge you at least $500.

But, by creating this audio CD program you can empower yourself for a lot less.

I’ll give you all the details in one moment.

Before I do, I want to give you some peace of mind.

You see, I want you to change your life and achieve all of your goals.  That’s why I’m in business.

So, to make sure that you have no reason not to give the “12 Secrets to People Power System” a try, I’m going to make you this guarantee.

A 100% No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee

I can do this because I know that this system is going to change your life so much that you’d never consider returning it.

But, to give you the peace of mind, here’s the deal.

You can take a full 30 days to try it out. If for any reason you don’t feel that the information in the “12 Secrets to People Power System” is as amazing as I’ve told you, just mail it back to the address on the label and you’ll get a full refund.

So, returning to the investment needed…I noted above that if I met with you in person to divulge the secrets in the “12 Secrets to People Power System” I’d need to charge you $500.

But, because you’ll be enjoying the power of this program through an Audio CD, I can charge a lot less.  In fact, it’s less than $100.

Only $39!

Let’s face it.  These days that’s like two thirds of a tank of gas.

If you’re not willing to invest that much to change the whole outcome of your life, you just aren’t serious about making those desires into reality.

You’ve got nothing to lose because I’m giving you a full money back guarantee.

All I ask is that after you use the program that you drop me a line and let me know about how your life changed.

I look forward to hearing about your success stories very soon.


Paul Lawrence

____Yes, Paul, I want to harness the tremendous power of the secrets contained in the “12 Secrets to People Power System” so I can become one of the “haves” instead of a “have not.”  With 85% of my fate dependent on my people skills I know I need everything on my side that I can get.  I also understand that I will have a full 30 day risk free period to try out the program.

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P.S. Please use these very powerful secrets responsibly.  If you don’t think you can trust yourself with this much power over others, then please don’t take advantage of this offer.