I’m Going to Give You the Best
Internet Money Making
Secret in the World!

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

There are a lot of ways to make money online.

Some of them are better than others.

I’m not going to dispute that you can make money doing affiliate marketing, selling ad space on your website or using something like google ad sense.

But there is absolutely one best and most sure way to make continuous and long term profits with the Internet.

I’ve been using this system for the last three years and my business has grown large enough that it throws off more income than I need to support myself and my family with a very comfortable lifestyle.

You can do the same.  It’s not even that hard.

I’ll explain it all in detail, but let me start by explaining how I got into this business.

You Can Lose Money Just as
Easily as Make It Online

I found out that fact the hard way.

It all started when I ended up with a product to market.  It was a course that taught guys how to meet women.

I was sure I could sell it online as there were other similar products being marketed on the Internet.

So, I decided to launch my own online business.

Don’t Waste Money on Expensive Websites

I hired a web programmer who convinced me I needed a site with lots of fancy features…links, images, flash, etc.

I poured about a thousand bucks into it.

When it was done, it looked nice, but it didn’t make any money.

That’s because nobody ever saw it.  It’s just like having a big beautiful store in the middle of the desert.  It might be the best looking store in existence but without any shoppers it’s just a money drain.

Around this same time, I had a good friend who was essentially a business mentor as he was very successful financially.

He’d recently almost accidentally started a new business where he published a daily e-zine to people giving them advice on how to be successful.

One day they started promoting products and suddenly he had a new million dollar business. Only about five years later this business is now a company that grosses over $20 million dollars a year.

Internet Publishing About What
You Know Will Make You Rich!

My friend noted that I had some very unique knowledge in regard to starting small businesses with little to no capital.

He introduced me to the president of the company at that time and I was offered a chance to create a program on starting small businesses with no capital that they would market.

It was a grand slam home run.

I couldn’t believe how much money this thing made.  My small percentage was as much as what some people make in a year.

I believe it was so successful because I was sharing bona fide information about a subject that I really knew about.

Since I saw how much money could be made I decided to get into this business myself.

I asked my friend’s advice and told him about my previous failure with an Internet business.  He explained to me that I made the same mistake that so many other Internet entrepreneurs make.

I was trying to do business with people without a relationship.

People don’t like to buy from strangers…especially on the Internet because there are so many stories about scams and rip offs.

Building a Relationship is the Key to Success

“How I do I overcome this,” I asked. 

“You build a relationship.”  My mentor explained.  “We’ve found that the best way to do this is to publish a free e-zine about your area of expertise.”

I knew firsthand how successful this business model had been for his company, so I decided this was what I was going to do.

Since my strengths were in building small businesses with little capital and staying motivated that was what I decided to publish.  I called it “Positive Tip” and I was on my way.

You should do the same.


The way to build a real relationship with your customers is to provide them with valuable information that they want to know about.

Now, if you don’t have an area of expertise there is one other solution.  You can find someone who does.

You can pay them a fee or make them a partner.  But, please understand this:

You must be able to provide valuable and credible information!

If you’re not willing to do this, then this business won’t be for you.  But, if you are, then you’re on your way to your very own goldmine.

Whatever your area of expertise or interest is, it can be the basis for your business.  Practically any subject can be the foundation for a successful Internet publishing business.

  • gardening
  • horses
  • financial markets
  • health
  • football
  • dance
  • poker,
  • travel
  • cooking
  • martial arts
  • business
  • industry trade publication
  • public relations
  • advertising
  • movies
  • and virtually anything else that other people will be interested in


There are 3 Keys to Internet Publishing Success

Okay, so we’ve talked a little bit about the first one.  It’s formal name is content.

You’ve got to be able to provide your readers with bona fide valuable content that they will be happy to get.

Of course, there are many different ways you can publish the information. 

KEY #1: You must choose what and how you publish

When I began I only published my e-zine weekly.  As my business grew I raised it to three times a week and now I publish it six times a week.

When, I started I used a cheap publishing service that had software that was easy to use.  I was charged by how many subscribers I sent it out to, so I knew eventually I’d change that when my list got bigger.

Now, I own some expensive software and a dedicated server so I can publish very economically.

There are other options though. 

There is actually free publishing software that works pretty well and then there are things like Yahoo News groups which will allow you to publish for free too.

The big downside with that is that they will include advertisements that aren’t yours in there. Nevertheless, it’s a viable way to go.

In fact, as I was getting started with my Internet publishing business I dabbled with an e-zine for screenplay writers as I have expertise in that area too with a multimillion dollar film produced and distributed that I wrote.

And, I used to Yahoo news groups to publish it for free.

So, there are very cheap ways to get started, but as your business grows you’ll probably want to invest in a more elaborate mechanism.

KEY #2: You must build a list.

There are a number of different ways to do this.  There are free ways such as publishing articles with links to your website and sign up page.

And, there are ways that take a little money such as using pay per click advertising and other paid advertising methods.  When I started I used mostly free ways, but now I use both.

As of the writing of this letter I have a list of over fifty thousand names.  So, I can tell you for sure that these methods do work.

KEY #3: You must sell profitable products to your list.

There’s many different ways to obtain products to sell.  You can create your own which is what I mostly do for my small business list.  The products I sell are courses on different aspects of operating a successful small business.

I also publish an e-zine for natural products and on that list I sell supplements that I buy wholesale from a manufacturer and some video courses where I hired various experts to do the video.

You can also sell other people’s products which is usually done on a 50-50 split.  Another option is to do a combination.  My friend’s company that I spoke about before does this.  They market other people’s products and ones that they create themselves.

The important thing is to have good products that your list will want to buy and to market it to them properly.


You’re 6 Weeks Away From Having Your Own
Profitable Internet Publishing Business

I know it might seem like this business is complicated, but it’s really not.

I started my business without knowing a thing about running an Internet business or creating websites.

All you need to do is follow the basics that I’ve described above.

Truth be told, I did learn a lot of secrets along the way…secrets to making this business really work.

And, I’m going to give them all to you in my “6 Steps to Internet Publishing Riches” course.

I know there are some encyclopedia size courses out there that teach you how to be a successful Internet entrepreneur and I’m sure they’re loaded with good information.

But my experience in publishing is that the best way for someone to have the highest likelihood of success is to give them the information in a simple manner.

So, I’ve created a six lesson program.  Each week you’ll receive a new lesson on one important subject for your business. 

Here’s some of the critical secrets that I’m going to give you:

  • 12 Ways to get names for your list that require little to no capital
  • Actual names and contact information for software companies that have free publishing software and the ones that I use.
  • How to never have a SPAM problem.
  • 5 Secrets for creating content readers will by dying to read
  • The best way to carve out a niche for your publication
  • A legitimate service that will get you double opt in names for your list
  • What you really need to know about pay-per-click
  • How to create products that your readers will snap up
  • The 3 things your website must have in order to rake in orders
  • All you need to know about purchasing ads online
  • The names and contact information of online publications with huge subscriber lists that you can advertise in for very reasonable prices
  • The big secret to making all of your online advertising more profitable
  • And everything else you need to know to have a profitable Internet publishing company!

You’ll Have Experienced Support
Every Step of the Way!

That’s the other critical factor that I’ve noticed.  It can be kind of scary to start a new business, so it’s really helpful to have some support.

This is why at the end of each lesson there is a brief assignment which will have you taking the real steps that you’ll need to do to begin your business. Then, when you’re done, you can e-mail them to me. 

They will be reviewed by either myself or a trained person on my staff and you will receive personalized feedback.

So, you’re not going to be going into this alone.

Personalized Consultations Are $2500

Under normal circumstances if someone was to approach me and ask me to provide them with the information I’m going to share with you and also give them feedback on their plans, the minimum I would charge is $2500.

In fact, in the near future I will probably be offering seminars that will give the same information I’m giving you and while the price might be less than $2500 since there will be many people, it will still be expensive.

I’m giving you the blueprint to a money making machine.

You’re going to receive the benefit of 3 years of hard work, trial and error and all of the advice that I was given by very successful Internet marketers.

Since I have a special need for case studies you’re being offered the chance to save a lot of money.

You see, I want to have a number of success stories of people using my program before I begin offering the seminars.

In order to do that I’m willing to offer the program to a certain amount of select individuals with the support and feedback for much less than $2500.

I’ll give you the full details in one moment, but first let me give you some additional very good news.

You Will Have Zero Risk!

Listen, I know how valuable the information in this course is.  I know because I’m using it to make money every day.  That’s why I’m willing to make you the following guarantee.

After you order the program and receive your first lesson, take a look at it and give it a thorough examination.

If for any reason you don’t think it’s for you, no problem.

Just send me an e-mail to the address you’ll be provided with in the first lesson and cancel your order.  You’ll be issued a full refund and you can keep the first lesson with no hard feelings.

The only stipulation I have with this offer is that you must agree not to share the course with someone else.

Each Lesson With Personalized
Feedback is Less Than $30!

I don’t know of anyone anywhere who will offer you a real lesson with personalized feedback for this amount.

My accountant is very upset that I’m about to make you the following offer because she knows this course is worth ten times the price.

But, I don’t care because I want to get at least 50 success stories before I raise the price to its true value.

Only $179 for the Entire 6 Week Course!

That’s 6 lessons…1 per week with personalized feedback.  Each lesson will give you the specific information you’ll need to know to start your own Internet publishing business whether you have capital or not.

If you’re serious about having a profitable Internet business, then this is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up.

Once I have my success stories I plan on pulling the plug on this offer and only offer the program through the expensive seminars.

Internet publishing is the best Internet business out there.  And, I’m going to share all of the details on how you can get started immediately.

Just think, in six weeks from now, you’ll be able to start your own Internet publishing company.


Paul Lawrence

P.S. Please remember to let me know about your success so I can include you in my list of success stories.

______Yes, Paul, I want to start my own Internet publishing company using all of the proven secrets and strategies that you’re going to share with me. I understand that I will have no risk because after I receive my first lesson if I am unsatisfied for any reason I can cancel my order for a full refund.