A $200 Billion Dollar Customer
Wants to Buy From You!
Sell to Uncle Sam!

Dear Entrepreneur,

How would you like to do business with a customer that will:

  • Send you notices that it’s looking to buy products or services that you sell
  • Always pay you on time and never bounces a check
  • Award you lucrative contracts that guarantee that your business is the sole supplier
  • Provide you with free consultants to help you sell to it
  • Help you find business loans and actually secure contracts for you

Do you who this customer is?  Yes, it’s your Uncle Sam.  And just like a real relative, the federal government does have your best interest at heart.

The federal government is so eager to do business with small businesses that that it’s passed laws that mandate that it buys products and services from small businesses.  The kinds of small businesses you could own.

Time to Start Recouping Those Tax Dollars

If you’re like most people, then you must hate paying taxes.  Well, wouldn’t it be sweet to be receiving hefty checks from the federal government instead of paying them?  Of course, it would.  That’s what those people with insider knowledge do.

There’s a certain number of people that have learned how to work the system and are now getting rich from it.  And you could be one of them.

If you think that unless you’re a big corporation, you can’t sell to the federal government, then you’re dead wrong.  Look at this real life case of a guy who had a one man shop that now has a million dollar business because he learned how to cut deals with Uncle Sam.

Fact: A small business named Intellimar just had three-year growth of 1703% and revenue in 2004 of $8.7 million. It did it with only 14 employees. This company sells things like garbage cans to the federal government.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to sell to the federal government. But, you do need to know how to find what the government wants and then sell those goods or services to the right agency or department.


A One Stop Course to Give You All the Tools You’ll Need  to Get Rich Selling to Uncle Sam!

Lorenzo Cabrera opened an  environmental - restoration and waste-management company.  In only a few months he won his first government bid.  Three years later, the East Hartford, Conn., company now has a list of federal clients that include the Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Air Force, the Department of Energy, the Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Navy and the VA Hospital.

My name is Paul Lawrence and I’m a publisher of business courses that specialize in providing you with the insider information that most people don’t have.

I’m talking about the kind of information that those already “in the know” don’t want anyone else knowing.

But, I firmly believe that everyone who wants to make their fortune should be able to have that chance….even if they don’t have a lot of capital or contacts.  So, when one of my researchers brought this opportunity to my attention, I was really excited.

I mean I was so excited that my heart was literally pounding.  So, I authorized the research and that’s when I really became enthusiastic.

The reason is that it turns out that anyone can do this!  You could be getting rich selling to Uncle Sam.  All you need is a level playing field where you get the same insider information that all these other guys have.

Next, I saw to it that exhaustive research was done.  Then, it was all compiled in an easy to read simple course that could have you selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods and services to the federal government this year.

You can’t just get an e-mail address from the Internet
and send some government employee
a request to send you a check.

You’ve got to know what products and services you can sell and  specificially what part of the government you’ll be selling to.  The government buys all kinds of every day products and services.  Here are just a few samples:

  • Office supplies, furniture, and equipment
  • Motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts
  • Hand and power tools
  • Paints, waxes, adhesives, and brushes
  • Lawn and garden equipment           
  • Light fixtures and bulbs
  • Travel arrangements and travel reservations
  • Moving of household goods
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Carpets, drapes, and blinds
  • Architectural and engineering services
  • Construction of new buildings and facilities
  • Alteration of office space
  • Paving and concrete work
  • Elevator installation and repair
  • Asbestos assessment and removal
  • Air conditioning and heating repair and maintenance
  • Roof installation and repair
  • Landscaping
  • Interior design and decorating
  • Demolition
  • Pest control
  • Cleaning and custodial work
  • Building security
  • Trash removal
  • Property management
  • And hundreds of other goods and services!

Web Site Builder Gets Rich Selling to Uncle Sam!

Merlin Technical Solutions, based near Denver builds websites such as one to track legal immigrants all the way to citizenship. It has experienced three-year sales growth of 7,979%!

If you want to make deals then you’ve
got to speak their language.

Let’s be direct here.  Obviously, selling to the federal government is a great opportunity, but it’s not like you just knock at a door and they hand you a wheel barrel full of cash. 

You don’t need a PH.D to sell to Uncle Sam, but you’ve got know what you’re doing.....
You’ve got to work the system that’s in place.  It’s like being on the outside of the velvet rope.

If you’re on the list, you don’t wait in line. You go right inside!  But, if you don’t know what to say to the guy at the door, you can stand outside in the cold all night.
That’s why I thought it was so important to have this course packed with the most potent information to get rich selling to your Uncle Sam.

Listen to just some of the golden nuggets of powerful information and tools that are included in this course:

  • What goods and services the government buys
  • How to get started
  • How to access 1,000's of contract opportunities
  • What kind of government opportunities are best for your business
  • Common mistakes many companies make and why it's costing them serious money
  • How to put in bids for government contracts
  • Understanding the secrets behind how contracts are chosen
  • The insider techniques to make your business qualify for lucrative government contracts
  • Special government departments that will help women owned, minority and other disadvantaged people get their share of the government pie
  • Marketing resources that can help you pinpoint opportunities
  • Where to sign up for lists of government sales of bargain priced real properties
  • How to get great deals on other government surplus such as cars, office equipment, airplanes and boats
  • Which government agencies will help your small business secure lucrative subcontracting deals that require almost no paperwork
  • Specific contact information with government consultants that will help you market your services or products for free.
  • All about the Section 8A program that has a government agency that lines up the contracts and then doles them to small businesses
  • And dozens and dozens of “get rich from Uncle Sam” tips and techniques

Save Yourself 100’s of Hours of Labor
and Start Selling Immediately!

I’m going to tell you something that might surprise you.  It’s not impossible for you find different sources to learn a lot of the information in this course for free.

Well, it’s not exactly for free.  As we all know there is nothing for free.  You’ll spend your valuable time.  The information contained in the “Get Rich Selling to Uncle Sam” course took hundreds of hours to put together.

Even if we were ultra-conservative in our figures and said that it would take you 100 hours to assemble all of this information through extensive research and that your time was worth a meager $10 an hour…that would make this course have a value of $1000.

And, truth be told it would be worth it. 

“14% of the fastest-growing private companies have the federal government as a key customer.  The nine fastest-growing companies are growing at the blurring pace of at least 4,650% in the past three years.”  USA Today.

I don’t want you spending your time doing all the research that my company has already done to assemble all of this golden information. 

You Could Be Starting Your Business
Within Hours With No Capital!

Now, that’s what makes sense to me.  So, I’m going to offer you this course that will give you everything you need to know to get started selling to the federal government for an investment that you’re just not going to be able to pass up.

But, before I share that number with you, I’ve got some additional news you’re going to want to hear.

You’re going to be able to try the “Cashing In On Uncle Sam” course with no risk!  None whatsoever…Because if after receiving your course, reviewing it and giving it a try for 30 days, you aren’t completely satisfied, I’ll give you your money back.

Only $49.95!

That’s right.  I know I could get a lot more for this course, but I want to make this offer so tantalizing that you just have to take action.  Because I want to give fellow entrepreneurs a shot at making their mark.

How can you go wrong here?  You can’t!  But, just to make the deal just a little bit sweeter, so that if you’re fence sitting, let me toss in a free copy of my “Make Your Move” motivational CD.

Let’s face it.  It’s critical to have a great plan, but sometimes it takes a little something more to get you to take action.  Well, the “Make Your Move” CD is just the ticket to get you ready to make your move.  This CD has a $20 value and it’s yours free with your order.

This isn’t rocket science here.  If you aren’t just someone that “talks a good story” about changing your life, but are the real deal….A person who just needs to find a solid vehicle to take them on their path to wealth…then this is your chance…your risk free chance to get your piece of that pie that all of the insiders are feeding on.

It’s Time to Step Up…Don’t Delay!

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Sell To Uncle Sam!