Welcome to the latest issue of Postive Tip.  An e-zine published by Paul Lawrence, a best selling business author, former CEO of a million dollar direct mail firm, copywriter and produced screenwriter and film producer.  This e-zine seeks to provide you with regular quick positive tips on becoming more successful and content in business and in your personal life.  We hope you enjoy today’s issue.

1 Question Can Change Your Future

    Every person on this earth yearns to be noticed, appreciated and respected.   If you take the time to remember details about other people's lives and  ask them about it, you will earn  great favor with them in both your business and personal life.  If it's a spouse take the time to remember ask how a situation at work went.  If it's someone at work, ask them about how their kid's play was or how their mother is doing.  You'll reap a reward from the moment you see their pleased face, they'll benefit because they'll feel better because the fact that they're important is being recognized and your relationship will benefit because they will feel more positive about you.  It's a win-win all the way around.  And, it's dirt cheap to do...just takes one minute.

Have a positive day,

Paul Lawrence

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