Welcome to the latest issue of Postive Tip.  An e-zine published by Paul Lawrence, a best selling business author, former CEO of a million dollar direct mail firm, copywriter and produced screenwriter and film producer.  This e-zine seeks to provide you with regular quick positive tips on becoming more successful and content in business and in your personal life.  We hope you enjoy today’s issue.

Reader Feedback Regarding Tolerance Message

Well, I actually received a lot of feedback regarding the last message about tolerance and holiday greetings....about equal numbers from both sides of the street...Most of the reader viewpoints were thoughtful and intelligent.  I do personally agree that wishing someone Merry Christmas shouldn't insult those people that don't celebrate Christmas.  But, I do stand by my policy that in a newsletter such as this where the focus has nothing to do with religion that the more generic holiday wishes is appropriate.  I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone.  But as the old saying goes, "you can't please everyone..."  Nevertheless, I think intelligent pragmatic people can agree to disagree and still have a positive relationship.  So, with that in mind....

My Resolution to You

Over the years I've enjoyed some success in certain fields of business and have created various products that share the insight I gained and offer very specific practical advice on how others can do the same.  However, there is a whole world out there with many different opportunities that I've never personally been involved with.  And, some of these might be the right opportunities for readers of this e-zine. Thus, while I will continue to offer products and insight derived from my own personal experiences, I will also be seeking out some guest editorials from other successful entrepreneurs and offer products that appear to be of high quality when I do some research on them.  My goal is to essentially be an ombudsman for entrepreneurs seeking out the best opportunities for you.

Have a Happy New Year and a positive day.


Paul Lawrence

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