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I Earned $3750 Extra a Month Borrowing a Technique From Cavemen

Long before humans invented currency they were trading.  They simply bartered.  You might be surprised to know how much bartering continues today.  I actually stumbled across it when a friendly competitor let me in on his secret.  There are many huge bartering clubs where you can use your barter dollars to get almost any service and many products and you can make direct barter deals with people.  I've done both and it's put a lot of money into my pocket. 

And what you might not know is that you can use bartering to save thousands on your taxes as well.  That's because Uncle Sam treats bartered dollars the same as US Dollars.  So, here's a tip to get a "two-for-one" savings of your precious cash.  If you pay for services that you are normal business expenses with bartering you benefit two ways:

1) Instead of using your cash to pay for the expenses, you bartered which means you have more actual cash.

2) Those expenses that you paid for with bartering can be deducted for the full amount of the dollar credit you were given as legitimate business expenses.

So, think about if you might be able to incorporate some bartering into your business.  It's been my experience that almost any business can benefit by doing some bartering.

Have a positive day.

Paul Lawrence

Learn Bartering Secrets That Can Put Thousands in Your Pockets

The creative use of bartering can save you thousands of dollars in expenses, bring you in a flood of new income and allow you to spend on things that you might not if you had to pay with greenbacks.  While the basics of bartering are simple you can really exploit it if you know all of the secrets that the pros do.  If you'd like to learn more about how you can greatly add to your wealth with bartering follow this link below:

Secrets to Get Rich With Bartering