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A Wealth Building Principal You Must Use

Get your taste.  That's an expression gangsters at least on the "Sopranos" use.  What does it mean?  It means that when someone else makes a profit on a transaction that you get a little piece of it.  Whether you're an employee or a business person, there are many creative ways to structure deals where you get a perpetual stream of income without doing any more work.  You can get this kind of deal if you can persuade a business person that you can make them a lot of money.  I recently licensed a product I controlled in the nutrition business to a very large mail order house and I stand to make a lot of money on my little taste when they begin to mail this coming year.  If you work for a company that's a major corporation it might be hard to negotiate a deal like that unless you become an outside consultant.  Maybe it's worth it?  Look around you carefully and think about how you can negotiate deals that allow you to collect money on transactions that others make.  Only a few deals like this could really make you wealthy.

Have a positive day.

Paul Lawrence

Persuasion is the Key to All of the Success You Want!

Whether it's a deal like I spoke about above, a raise at work or getting your spouse to travel to where you want to go to on your next vacation, being able to persuade people will get you the results you want.  There are a lot of powerful tools that you may not be aware of that are much more potent that "how to sell" courses offer.  I changed my whole future using new persuasion tools I learned.  If you want more information on this follow the link below:

Become a Master of Persuasion

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