Welcome to the latest issue of Postive Tip.  An e-zine published by Paul Lawrence, a best selling business author, former CEO of a million dollar direct mail firm, copywriter and produced screenwriter and film producer.  This e-zine seeks to provide you with regular quick positive tips on becoming more successful and content in business and in your personal life.  We hope you enjoy today’s issue.

Courage:  A Necessary Ingredient to Success

In order to be successful in business or in life in general, you must be willing to take calculated risks.  The fear of failure causes many people to miss out on enormous opportunities because they were afraid that it wouldn't work out.  One way to overcome your fear is to think of the worst case scenario.  When I call producers to pitch my projects I take a second to think of what's the worst that could happen.  In this case it's that they say no.  When I realize that I can live with that, I no longer feel any reluctance to make the call.  Any time you consider a worst case scenario and realize you can handle it if it happens, it will vaporize your fear.

Have a positive day.

Paul Lawrence

Get the Edge For Success

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