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Don't Be Too Quick to Dismiss Someone

I don't know if you've ever done this, but I confess I have.  Based on a quick initial impression I made a snap judgment about someone...I decided they weren't smart...they had nothing going for them....they didn't know what they were talking about, etc.  And, I just also admit that on many of those occasions I turned out to be quite wrong.  Sometimes my poor judgment cost me too.  So, now I make sure to not rush to judgment before I have all the facts and have given a person a fair evaluation (some people just don't make good first impressions.)  As a result of this, I can say with certainty that I've made much more money and valuable friendships than I ever would have when I was younger and more ignorant.  So, fight that urge to dismiss someone right away.  It could turn out to be the best decision you ever made.

Have a positive week,

Paul Lawrence

Are You Living Your Dreams Today?

Let's face it.  Life is just too short.  If you're not living your dreams it may just be that you haven't been going about making them happen in the best way possible.  I know about this firsthand.  I was almost 30 and stuck in the most miserable job with a terrible social life.  Then, I hit a turning point and developed a system that changed my whole life.  If you want to hear more about making your dreams a reality just follow the link below:

Guest Editorial

Periodically, we will feature guest authors if they seem to have credible expertise about a subject that could be of interest to Positive Tip readers.  Below is an article from this issue's guest editorial:

Autoresponders Masterclass - Action Process Engine

Many of you have most probably seen a common illness with Web Autoresponder Services:

Some of them after registratioon send you to autoresponder Thank You page and most of them send you to "signup error page" in case subscribers provided some wrong data on subscription.

Sounds common? Yeah?

Some marketers would like to hide services they are using due to different reasons.
Some marketers would like to show some other info than provided on Thank You or Error pages.

Anyway, situation should be solved somehow.

We have come with an interesting idea.
Now VIE Autoresponder permits you to redirect your subscribers anywhere you wish.

You design the page, put it anywhere on internet, on your website or on any other website and easily configure Autoresponder redirect to that page on one or another subscribers actions.

As a simple example integrate our Autoresponder Registration form to any web page:

After saving the HMTL page, try to do some actions with it in browser window:
- reload a few times
- type in some wrong data, or even don't type any data and try submit
- type in correct data and submit

Do you see on each action you get a different message and are redirected to a predefined page.

How it works? Sounds Interesting, Not?

It's pretty simple though.

Login into autoresponder admin pannel:

password: admin

Go to: Admin Configuration page

And find a heap of redirects on different actions:

- Signup Wrong Email or Empty Fields Redirect URL
- SignUp Success Redirect URL
- Redirect URL After Validation
- Unsubscribe Redirect
- Contact Wrong Email or Empty Fields Redirect URL
- Contact Success Redirect URL
- Contact and Join Succes Redirect URL

*Important: On VIE Autoresponder Test Script, Save feature is disabled for security reasons, so you won't be able to save new redirect URLs

As you see now there are several redirect URLs for any Autoresponder subscribers action.
You can setup a different or same page for all these actions.

You don't have to be a programmer to configure VIE Autoresponder. Most important you can easily redirect your subscribers to any predesigned page you wish on any corner of the web.