Welcome to the latest issue of Postive Tip.  An e-zine published by Paul Lawrence, a best selling business author, former CEO of a million dollar direct mail firm, copywriter and produced screenwriter and film producer.  This e-zine seeks to provide you with regular quick positive tips on becoming more successful and content in business and in your personal life.  We hope you enjoy today’s issue.

Excellent Customer Service Will Guarantee Your Long Term Success

The sad fact is that there are so many businesses that offer shoddy customer service, that if you deliver first rate customer service, you can distinguish yourself from the pack.  I basically always respond to customer service issues that same day.  I find that many people are very pleasantly surprised and impressed by the timely answers.  Whether you are an employee or have your own business, if you focus on excellent customer service you will guarantee your own long term success.  So, see if each week you can't think of one new strategy to improve your customer service.

Have a positive day.

Paul Lawrence

If You've Been Told You Need Capital or Connections

to Get Rich, You've Been Misled!

It's possible to earn your fortune in business if you use the shrewd business strategies of a "street smart" business person.  You can start many very profitable businesses without any capital or you can take the business you do have an bring it up to the next level.  To find out more information on being a "street smart" business person, follow the link below: