There is One Thing That Almost Every
Highly Successful Person Has!

Contemporary People like
Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates...

Or people from the past like...
Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill
or Abraham Lincoln...

Dear Reader,

These people above have a unique ability.

I’ll be the first to admit that all successful people through history generally have a combination of skills and abilities that contributed to their success.

But, there is one thing that they all share.

If you look at the successful men and women through history, you’ll see that the one thing that they almost all have in common is that they were considered to be extraordinary communicators.

Think about it.  No matter what goals you may have, the way you communicate yourself will make the difference in your success or failure.  Whether it’s to:

  • Obtain a raise at your job
  • Motivate employees to be more productive
  • Develop meaningful personal relationships
  • Start or grow a small business
  • Secure a new job
  • Raise a family
  • Or any other goal you could possibly have

I’m going to share with you some amazing information I’ve learned that’s changed my life and could change your life. But, before I go on, I’m going to confess something to you.

I had a rough start as an adult.  It took me until my late 20’s to find a way to earn a living that at least paid my bills.

But, I finally found a business that I liked and paid my bills.  I actually became a ballroom dance instructor.  It was better than flipping burgers, but I soon realized that I wanted more.

I began to pursue a career in screenwriting.  I was filled with determination.  And, I made some progress, but I hadn’t hit any home runs.

Frankly, maybe like you, I looked at a lot of business opportunities.  I got involved in a few different things and found a little modest success, but I wasn’t achieving goals the way I wanted to.

There Was Something Missing!

Have you ever sat quietly at night wondering why it is that you work so hard and yet you can’t seem to achieve the success you want?

You can be a smart person....You can work hard...You can be determined...yet it’s still possible to not achieve your goals.

Let’s be blunt.  The world is filled with talented, determined, hard working people who just haven’t been able to get to where they want to go.

So, about 5 years ago, I became convinced that I needed to figure out what it was that was missing from the formula.

And, I finally realized what it was.

Truthfully.  I still haven’t achieved everything that I want in life, but I’ve achieved a lot of it and am well on the way to achieving the rest.

Here’s a sampling of the good things that happened to me because of my discovery:

  • Became a produced writer with a $3 million dollar film with major stars in it
  • Wrote a best selling course for a $100 million dollar company
  • Procured a position as the CEO of a million dollar direct mail company
  • Produce in partnership with one of the world’s most famous and prestigious comedy clubs in the world an International comedy event
  • Became happily married to a fantastic woman
  • Tripled my number of genuine friendships
  • And a quite a bit more

Look, the reason I’m telling you this about me isn’t to impress you.  Surely, there are many more people out in the world that have more impressive stories than mine.

But, here’s what is impressive:

All of the good stuff I mentioned above happened because I became focused on improving one particular skill.  I don’t think there is anything else more important to your success...whether it’s business or personal.

You Must Master the Art of Communication!

Now, before you dismiss me, I hope you’ll hear me out in full.

When I talk about becoming a “Master Communicator,” I’m not talking about the same trite old things you’ve heard before.

You know what I’m talking about...look a person in the eye...give a firm handshake, etc.

What I discovered when I began to research the art of communication is that it’s a much more complicated thing than I ever imagined.

During the last five years I did intensive research and applied it in both my business and personal life.  And, like I noted above the changes were nothing short of amazing.  My life suddenly turned into a “dream.”

These dramatic changes in my life weren’t missed by some of the people around me and they suggested that sharing these secrets that I’d learned could really help other people.

If I was Going to Create a Course I Wanted
One That Was Well Researched

Like I noted in the beginning, this subject is huge.  So, if I was going to create this course, it was going to need to be packed with really valuable secrets.

Now, when I say secrets, don’t get me wrong.

I’m not talking about things that nobody knows about.  I’m talking about potent tools and techniques that very few people know about.

For example, everyone’s heard that if you want to know if someone is telling the truth, you should look them in the eyes.

However, that’s not really enough information.  Sure, some people might give away their deception with a guilty look, but others won’t be so transparent.

The Technique Police Use
to Know When Someone’s Lying

Many police detectives use a system called the Reid Technique of Police Interrogation.

It was started by a former police polygraph interrogator who over the course of a number of years of doing polygraph exams, observed certain behaviors that almost all people seemed to have.

He noted that most subjects seemed to look down or to the left when creating a thought and to the right when recalling a memory.  Therefore, if a detective asks someone a question, by using the Reid Technique, there’s a good possibility that he can tell if they’re lying.

Make Sure You’re Not Sending
Out the Wrong Message

Did you know that there are many different body language signals you can give out which people can frequently instinctually perceive?

Most published studies seem to agree that about 92-93% of in-person communication is done nonverbally!

Can you imagine this?  You could spend hours preparing the words you’ll use when you go to have a discussion about your future with your boss.

But, with all that time spent on the words...92% of the message he’ll get is from your body language.

For example, covering your lips sends the signal that you do not like the person you are listening to, that you disagree with what is being said, or that you do not want to be involved in the discussion.

If you do feel this way, it’s rarely in your interest to subconsciously communicate this to who you’re speaking to.

But, there’s more to it than just body language!

The way people say words is an integral part of nonverbal behavior.  Volume, mocking or shakiness can be factors in determining what kind of verbal communication is happening between people.

Think about whispering.  It can mean several different things.  It can communicate that you are speaking about something that shouldn’t be overheard by others.  Or, it could be used to have a soothing effect.

Here’s some more examples of areas of communication you should be aware of:

Object communication

The most common form of object communication is clothing. The types of clothing that people wear are often used to determine their personality.  What you wear causes people to make decisions about you. The keychain you own and hats you wear all communicate something.


Haptics is the study of touching as nonverbal communication. Touches that can be defined as communication include: handshakes, holding hands, kissing (cheek, lips, hand), back slap, high five, shoulder pat, brushing arm, just to name a few.  And the way these things are done communicates a lot.


Chronemics is the use of time in nonverbal communication. The way we perceive time, structure our time and react to time is a powerful communication tool. Across different cultures, time perception has played a large role in the nonverbal communication process. Things like punctuality, willingness to wait, and interactions all communicate something. When you show up late, you’re sending out a message...and when you sit patiently as someone struggles to get the words out, you’re also telling them something.

A Simple Program that You Can
Use In Under An Hour

Although communication is undoubtedly a subject that could fill volumes of books, most people aren’t going to be able to take that kind of time to learn about communication.

Sure, they’d like to, but the cold hard facts are that they just don’t have that kind of time on their hands.

Truthfully, at first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to create this course.  Writing a course is very time consuming and it’s also tough for people to find the time to read it...even when they’re highly motivated.

Then, I realized that I could do the same thing with this material that I did with some other courses I created.  I could create an audio course.

This made a lot sense.  With an audio course, you won’t have to set aside time for reading.  You can listen to the CD in your car on the way to work or while you’re doing chores around the house.

What that means is that it’ll be a whole lot easier for you to learn so many of the life changing techniques available in mastering communication.

Streamlined For the Most Potent
and Critical Techniques

Then, I decided that this course could benefit the most people if I made sure that it focused on the most important areas...the ones that people could easily work on and would have the most impact.

And, I didn’t want to use just my own experiences.  So, I assembled a research team and we mined for the best, most useful information out there.

I assembled all of the information and put it into one audio CD that’s not more than an hour.  Think about this.  If you took one hour and learned just a few things that dramatically improved your communication skills, it could actually change your life.

It’s going to be like all of a sudden you can see and you realize that you’ve been fumbling around in the dark!

But, it’s even better than that because you’ll have a major advantage over others that aren’t aware of all of these powerful techniques.

Imagine the power soldiers have on a battlefield
when they’re wearing nightvision goggles
and the enemy isn’t.

Now, I’m certainly not saying that you should think of other people as your enemy or that you need to take advantage of them with your newfound skills.  Quite the opposite, you can benefit others by being able to understand them better.

You’ll be able to more effectively express your ideas and concerns with loved ones and you’ll be able to read them better.

And yes, maybe you will allow yourself to be armed a little better in the business world.  With these secrets at your fingertips, you’re going to be on a whole new playing field.

A Course That Can Change Your Life is Priceless

I firmly stand behind the statement above.  It’s almost overwhelming how easily the whole course of a person’s life can be changed by one event.  People lose or get jobs every day where the outcome could’ve been different if they’d handled the situation better.

Whether it’s about landing a big new client, motivating a subordinate so that they’re loyal and successfully do their job, or how you handle a confrontation with a friend or family member...

The whole fate of your life is dependent upon how you communicate to others.  So, that’s why I say that this course is really priceless.

However, it’s obvious that there needs to be some kind of specific value set to it.  I mean if I shared all of this information with you on a one-on-one basis, I’d need to charge at least $500.

And, that would be a fair price.  But, because I’m able to offer you the opportunity to acquire this audio CD program which you can listen to at your own convenience in your own home or anywhere else, I can make it available for a much more reasonable price.

My advisors suggested that $195 would be a reasonable price for a course that took so many hours of research and includes so many years of practical experience.  So, they may be right, but I really want this course to be something that anyone can pick up.

I’ll share with you the price in one moment, but before I do, I want to give you an extra piece of good news.

You’ll Have Zero Risk!

That’s because I’m going to give you a 100% money back guarantee that you’re going to be completely satisfied.  Here’s the deal:

You get the course and try it out for a full 30 days.  If at any time during that period you decide it’s not everything that I promised it was...then you can send it back to me and I’ll give you a full refund.

I’m sorry.  It’s just not possible to be more fair than that.  So, you have no reason not to get started with changing the direction of your life.  Especially, when the investment is no more than modest dinner for two.

Only $39.95!

So, there you go.  You’ve got to decide.  Do you want to live your life with the powerful communication skills that can totally change the way your life unfolds?

Or would you rather just meander through life with the uninformed masses who miss extraordinary opportunities every day because they don’t know the “Master of Communication” secrets?

I strongly suggest you take matters into your own hands and order this course right now.  All you need to do is click the link below and you’ll have made that first big step to getting everything you want out of life.

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