Get Paid What You’re Owed
Without Getting Upset

Dear Reader,

Have you ever been frustrated because someone owed you money, but they weren’t paying?

It’s very upsetting when someone is supposed to pay you and they don’t.  Whether you loaned someone money, provided a service or maybe sold some goods on credit, it’s not right if you don’t get paid what was agreed.

Quite often people just write off bad debts because it’s too expensive to sue or it just isn’t worth the time and aggravation.

But, there is another option...

You can collect with the
“Power Collection” System!

I’m going to tell you about a system that will allow you to collect what you’re owed without going to court or getting into intense conflicts with debtors.

Before I share more details about the system itself let me give you a little information about me and how I developed this system.

My name is Paul Lawrence.  When I first finished college I took the first job I could get.  It turned out that my management trainee job was a program where you learn all the ropes in the field.

I was in the “rent to own” industry.  In this business, people with no credit are sold household electronics and appliances on a rent to own basis.  In other words, there are no credit checks or down payments.

As you can imagine, the industry has default rates of as much as 40% a week.  And quite a few of the customers are pretty hardened when it comes to not paying as they agreed to.

The True Secrets of Collecting

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to work with an old veteran who taught me all of his tricks.

My first instinct was to “get tough” with people.  I argued with people and told them in no uncertain terms that they’d get their items repossessed and lose the chance to obtain more items in the future if they didn’t pay.

Then, my mentor showed me a better way.  He made me realize that it’s posible to collect without getting into arguments with people.  I began to be friendly with the debtors and used all sorts of psychological tactics to persuade them to pay.

Over time I added my own techniques to the old vet’s best methods and soon I had one of the best collection ratios in the entire national company.  Yet, I used to do it in half the hours of my colleagues  and I avoided the arguments and hostitlities that most of my them had.

I learned to do all of the following:

  • Teach debtors to call me when they’re late and schedule their past due payments
  • Get other family and friends of the debtors to pressure them into paying
  • Have the debtors call me back when I left messages when nobody else could get them to call back
  • Experience having the debtor thank me for charging them heavy late fees as they eagerly paid to get their account up to date
  • Persuade extremely past due customers to voluntarily return the merchandise they could no longer pay for
  • Change constantly delinquent customers into model customers who were never late
  • Collect on drastically delinquent accounts when nobody else could do it
  • Turn confrontational customers into satisfied customers who were eager to pay as they agreed to
  • Take out the legs of all the excuses delinquent customers gave for not paying
  • Avoid the need to initiate legal actions against delinquent customers, but not write off the account.
  • Track down customers who skipped and get them to meet their obligations
  • Wear down evasive debtors without getting upset until they were anxious to pay and get rid of me
  • Use a person’s vulnerability at their place of employment without risking getting sued.
  • Using the debtor’s sense of guilt or embarrassment to get them to pay
  • Get tenants to pay their rent on time without having to file legal action
  • And a whole lot more

The “Power Collection” System Gives
You Back the Power!

Oddly enough sometimes when someone owes you money and won’t pay it seems like they’re calling the shots.

You can feel guilty about asking someone to pay even though you have every right to.  It can almost seem like they’re doing you a favor when they agree to make payments.

When it comes to collecting, it’s all about taking the power away from the debtor and making them understand that they’re at fault.  When people owe you money and are trying to avoid paying you money, they can be quite wily.

But, with the “Power Collection”system you snatch back the power because you are able to systematically apply intense pressure on the debtor without it becoming personal to you.

When the debtor realizes that you can’t be bullied, intimidated or guilted into backing off, the power goes back to you.  You see, the debtor isn’t working on a rational systematic method of avoiding to pay.

But, you will be implementing exactly that kind of system to extract the money that you are rightfully owed.

The great thing about this system is that it becomes impersonal to you, so you won’t need to get upset or engage in conflict with the debtor.

You just use a series of written and oral communications that presses the debtor on every different level.  Instead of getting aggravated you’ll experience the satisfaction of not letting someone “get one over on you.”

The “Power Collection” System
Works on Everyone

After leaving the rent to own business I then took a job working collections for an upscale jewlery retailer.  These customers were quite different than the rent to own customers, but I found that the system I developed worked just as well.

All of the psychological tactics still worked and once again I found myself with such a high collection rate that I was quickly promoted and began to handle collections for the entire region.

Eventually I left the collection field and founded my own business.  But, boy was I glad that I had developed this system because it helped me collect on many sizeable debts which I would have otherwise just written off.

Let’s face it.  It rarely makes sense to sue someone over a bad debt unless the amount is very large and the debtor has a sizeable net worth, so that you can collect on a judgment should you win.

The problem with suing is that there’s no guarantee that you’ll win even if you think you have a good case.  And unless you have the legal know how to file the suit yourself, you’ll have to risk some substantial legal fees.

But, with the “Power Collection” System, I didn’t need to sue because I was able to easily collect without getting upset.  If anything, I found satisfaction because I was able to avoid getting screwed over.

The “Power Collection System” will work on all of the following kinds of debtors:

  • Delinquent tenants
  • People that borrowed money and aren’t paying it back
  • Small business receivables
  • Customers with secured loans
  • Debtors with delinquent revolving credit accounts
  • Friends or relatives that aren’t paying as they agreed
  • Or any other kind of debtor

Listen, you don’t have to just take my word for it.  Listen to these real people that have used the “Power Collection System:”

“My former boss owed me several thousand dollars when he let me go.  I couldn’t believe that after working for him for over ten years he wouldn’t pay me.  Well, boy was he surprised when instead of lying back and accepting it, I used Paul’s collection system.  It wasn’t long before he wrote me a check for the full balance.” 

L.B. Sunrise, Florida

“I own a small service business where the profit margins are slim.  I simply can’t afford to spend money on servicing the client and then not getting paid.  I was really worried about going under until I started using the “Power Collection” System.  Without getting into any hostility I was able to collect what I was owed and now my business is much healthier.”

A.M. Atlanta, Georgia

“I’m a landlord and I know I can hire a lawyer to evict a tenant that doesn’t pay. Still, it’s expensive because I have to shell out legal fees which I almost never get back and I can lose so much money in unpaid rent.  I was so frustrated I was thinking of selling off my property and getting out of real estate.  But, then I found the “Power Collection” System and like magic, I had the tenants paying right on time without having to evict them.”


Santa Moncia, California

In Less Than One Hour You Can Have the
“Power Collection” System Working For You

Look, like I told you before.  It took me a number of years and being tutored by the best old vets in the business to learn all of the secrets I’m going to share with you.

But, you’re not going to have to spend years to learn how to get people to pay you what they owe without getting into unpleasant conflicts.  I decided that I wanted to give you the information you need in a simple concise manner.

So, I created an audio program that’s actually just under an hour.  You can listen to the program on your way to the office and be ready to start collecting your money that day.

It’s that easy!

These Are The True Insider Collection Secrets

This program isn’t filled with obvious information like call and tell them you’ll report them to a credit bureau.  I’m sharing with you the hard, down and dirty secrets that get people to pay up without getting into a conflict with them.

If you think about how much money a program like this could save you over the course of your life it could really be a sum like anywhere from $2500 to $100,000 depending upon your business and personal lifestyle.

And, I can tell you that if you hired me to teach you all of the secrets I’m going to share with you one-on-one, I’d definitely have to charge you at least $500.  Frankly, considering how much money and aggravation this program will save you, I think it’s a very good value at that price.

But, the good news is because I’m going to share this information with you with the audio CD, it can make sense to me to provide you with this information for a much better price than that.

I’ll get to the exact price in one moment, but I did want to mention one other bit of good news.

You’ll Have Absolutely No Risk Because
There is
a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

The reason I can offer a guarantee like this is that I’m certain that you’re going to be so happy, you’re not going to want a refund.  To be honest, I think you’ll be too busy collecting the money that scofflaws owe you!

So, if you’re tired of people beating you for a buck…if you just don’t like to screwed over…if you want your bottom line to be higher, then this program is a must for you.

Now, like I mentioned before, I’m pleased to share the “Power Collection” System with you for a lot less than $500.

As a matter of fact, it’s a lot less than $150.

The “Power Collection” System Audio CD
Can Be Yours For Only $39.95!

I mean if this program even helps you not lose out on one bad debt, it’s paid for itself.  And that doesn’t even consider all the frustration you’re going to avoid because this program will snatch back the power to you. 

You’re not going to have to argue with people, shout or yell.  You just simply follow the steps of the program and your debtors will be pleading to pay you.

Isn’t it time to put an end to being taken advantage of?

I strongly suggest that you click on the link below and order your program today!


Paul Lawrence

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